BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

Man ... that sucked.

I can not believe that with 4th & 8, about a minute left on the clock, we let the Packers do that. Ouch.

Sure, Trestman's offense is fun to watch most of the time, but could we PLEASE have some of Lovie Smith's defense back? It's not like I'm asking for Buddy Ryan's defense ... just something that won't end up looking like wet 2-ply toilet tissue to opposing teams. One thing for sure, Smith's defense would NOT have let that fumble sit there (and two Bears had easy shots to pick it up and head the other way with it) until the other guys ran it in for a TD.

How did our D go from punishing to barely inconveniencing in a year? It can't all be Urlacher retiring!

So much "woulda coulda shoulda" this year ... we run off another play in OT against the Vikings, get Gould a bit closer, he makes the kick, we win the division two weeks ago ... that one's going to stick in our collective craws for a long time. This game should have been ours too ... arrgh!

So, we end up 2 games worse than last year ... can I hope that we at least have a new defensive coordinator next year? I'm wondering if Phil Emery can do for the D in this off season what he managed to do for the offense (especially the miracle respectability of the offensive line) last year. And, Cutler ... the whole idea of bringing in Trestman was to be the "quarterback whisperer" to turn him into a top-tier QB ... is that wager worth throwing Franchise Tag money at him? The team looked pretty good with McCown in there ... do you let Cutler wander off in free agency and rebuild with a draft pick?

Not a happy day to be a Bears fan (and now I can't be bothered with the Eagles/Cowboys game, which, had the Bears won, would have made a difference who we would have been facing in the first round of the playoffs).

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Tags: da bears
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