BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... Here's a rant. This was a response that I left over on Jacqui's LJ to some really ugly things that were happening to her son. She asked that I put it up here to so that "no one will miss it buried here in (her) land of comments". So, here it is...

Jacqui ...

Man, I hate thinking about school ... I was always in some sort of "alien" category. The only saving grace was that I was a big kid. People learned that teasing me was an invitation to having their heads repeatedly slammed into hard surfaces.

Nice dichotomy, eh? If I brought a stuffed animal to school, following my "feminine" side, and got teased about it, I'd let loose the worst of the "masculine" side and beat the living shit out of the kids doing the teasing. Of course, always being a "scheming little bastard", I'd make sure that some teacher or other authority figure was aware of the teasing (preferably a witness to it) so when I "snapped" there would be a built-in excuse "Oh, Brendan was being teased so badly by them, no wonder he got angry!". Heh, heh, heh!

Seriously, what do you expect? The mundane world is FUCKED. "Normals" are FUCKED. People who trust the damn government are FUCKED. People who believe in the whole Xtian myth are FUCKED. The few creative, aware, "awake" individuals out there live in an environment that wants nothing better than to eradicate them.

I'm raising my daughters to be subversives against that "mundane" world, if not outright TERRORISTS struggling against the "consensus reality". You can't be "nice" when dealing with "The Grey Forces", since they have no decency in them. What THEY call "nice" is compliant assimilation into their dead world. SCREW THAT! To hell with the lot of them!

Buy a copy of Machiavelli's THE PRINCE. Read it to Beau. Copy key phrases and paste them around the house. Buy the books of Gurdjieff, Nietzsche, Crowley, Ouspensky, R.A.Wilson, McKenna, Heinlein ... let him know that not EVERYBODY is a soul-dead automaton!

As adults we can often dig ourselves nice little burrows in which we can hide, like in the words of Simon & Garfunkle's "I Am A Rock":
           I have my books and my poetry to protect me
           I am shielded in my armor
           Hiding in my room, safe within my womb
           I touch no one and no one touches me
But kids are naked to the abuses of the world, and HAVE to be shown how to do battle with it.

Remember, this is a WAR ... the "Grey Forces" led like sheep by the "Black Brotherhood", against those few who have become "awake" (in Gurdjieff's sense of the word). The creative ones are few an far between, surrounded by the armies of dusk. We have to fight a guerrilla action or be ground down by the mindless stomping of the jack-booted sleepwalking masses.

- BT

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