BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The game ...

I feel so "dirty" doing this, but I'm re-posting here from FaceBook ...

LombardiTrophyI really don't have "a dog in the fight" for the Super Bowl today. The only thing I find appealing to root for is having Manning be the first QB to win one for different teams ... which would be cool IF HIS PREVIOUS WIN WASN'T AGAINST MY BEARS.

I also seem to have something stored in the back of my head about the coach of the Seahawks from some previous gig he had, but I can't recall what, exactly, only that I know that there's some reason I don't like the guy. I do have relatives out in Seattle, so it would be a nice thing for them to have a Big Win, I guess.

Had the 49rs made it in, I'd be rooting for them based on "former Bears factor", figuring it would be great to have one of Ditka's protégés win a Super Bowl (not that he and Harbaugh saw eye-to-eye on much back in the day).

So, my "rooting interest" in the game is pretty vague, with a slight preference for Denver. I'm hoping the game will be as good as it might be with the #1 offense going up against the #1 defense ... otherwise it's going to be a pretty "obligatory" 5 hours.

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