BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ... wonder what happened ...

LJUR140730I probably shouldn't pay attention to that Live Journal "user rating" thing ... but my OCD just gloms onto that number. It's a ranking, so the number is the "place" you're in, the smaller number the better.

And between yesterday and today that went from being 11,000-something to being 36,000-something. That's a huge jump (drop). Wonder what the heck that was about.

For a while I was writing this stuff down, and there was a time (not too long ago) when my "ranking" was in the upper 6,000s ... generally the number moves around a few dozen slots on a daily basis, but this was the biggest shift I can recall seeing. I mean, really, WHAT would cause me to suddenly (overnight) drop 25,000-some slots?

I feel damaged. This is so confusing.

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{edit... around 8:40pm}

LJUR140730aOK, there must been some sort of glitch on LJ's part ... usually these don't update more than once in a day, and so that 25,000+ jump (drop) must have been some strange behind-the-scenes number crunching error ... if you look at the rankings, it's now showing me having gone up 26,180 slots!

Hmmm ... considering that I was at 11,000-something yesterday, this means that I got ranked higher today despite the brief WTF? moment!

Today was otherwise a crappy day in yet another crappy week (in yet another crappy month, in yet another crappy year, etc.), so I'll take whatever little glimmer of "happy" I can find ...

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