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at Ooooh ... INK!

No, I'm not talking about tattoos ... I'm talking about that stuff that gets the blood pumping in PR hacks all over the universe ... a nearly full page in the first section of the Chicago Tribune ... INK! Ya-hoo!

You know, I've been out of my agency PR job for two decades now, and I keep taking assessments and tests and navel-gazing surveys about what I should be doing, and they keep coming up with PR/MarCom gigs ... so I guess I'm fated to be forever in search of some place that will f'n HIRE ME. My reaction to getting this coverage is downright lascivious ... it makes me feel so good it's almost dirty.

Frankly, this was a surprise ... while I'd "poked" folks over at the Trib in the past few months, I'd not gotten any direct response, but a reporter did swing by the NLR Worm Farm a while back, and this showed up yesterday. Ed and Dale and I were at a Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council party last night and our contact there, Roger Sosa said "hey, you're in the Tribune today!". Well, it turns out that this story hit the digital edition first ... yesterday afternoon (and props to Roger for catching that!), including a video that the Trib folks shot down at Nature's Little Recyclers ... if you want to check that out, it's HERE.

If you're in Chicago, I suggest you run out and snag a copy of today's (9/18/2014) Tribune ... we're on page 6 of the front section. Now, as a subscriber I get the digital edition, so when I go to the link I would normally be passing along to you, I'd get the fancy just-like-you're-reading-the-paper version, but if you're not, you end up at the "print-ready" version, which isn't quite as nice (although it has the story and pics). So, I went and did some graphics voodoo and if you click that thumbnail version over there ===> you'll get a full page version for your reading enjoyment.

This was an awesome "add on" to NLR having succeeded in getting its Seed Chicago Kickstarter funding (by the skin of our teeth - we ended up with 102% of our target), which just closed Tuesday morning. We're hoping the $5k that we're getting from that will at least get the worm biz a cardboard shredder ... the worms eat a LOT of cardboard, and currently it's all getting broken down by hand, which is a huge hassle and time sink.

Anyhoo ... We got INK! We got INK! We got INK! Wheeeeeee!

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