BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

They say it's my birthday ...

Yeah, completing another trip around the sun today, having easily lived twice as long as "the smart money" would have bet on back in my 20's!

Found an awesome B-Day gift this morning while doing my email/social/etc. stuff ... this Tweet from noted author & social media guru Chris Brogan ===>

I say "gift" because Chris has nearly 300,000 Twitter followers, a vast lot of whom are in the Marketing Communications field. Chris and I chat intermittently via comments to his newsletters, and he knows what a dire employment/economic situation I'm in, so his "vouching for me" (and bringing me to the attention of his readers), is providing a level of "reach" that is way beyond what I'm able to muster. I feel very grateful for him doing this for me.

As regular readers of this space know, I'm prone to get into deep depressive funks, and a lot of the time I'm thinking "nobody gives a damn, anyway" ... so it's a real bit of sparkling sunlight when I see evidence to the contrary, like this!

P.S.: Is there any numerological/astrological significance to turning the age of (the last two digits of) one's birthyear? I have that going on today.

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