BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

And MORE poetry!

CS-93-coverYes! More Poetry! Aren't you lucky?

Of course, nobody's actually ordered any of these new poetry volumes, so they're almost as obscure as they were when they were lurking in PFS:Write files on old floppy disks ... but not quite.

POEMS : 1993 is the seventh collection that I got out in just over two months ... so that's pretty good. Yesterday, while watching the Bears game (and a few other shows following ... the time for converting a year of poems on my netbook is a minimum of 4 hours, and that's churning along at maximum efficiency), I got the 1995 poems converted (having recently done the 1994 batch), so there will be more coming out in the not-too distant future.

I'm a bit disturbed that I've not found my earlier poetry ... but I suspect I've simply not unearthed the 5.25" floppies they're on. According to an earlier accounting, I wrote 1,000 poems from 1976-1986 (of which I currently only have the 1986 poems on hand), a period of 11 years, then wrote 1,000 poems from 1987-1990 (all of which are currently available in new editions!), another 1,000 poems from 1991-1994 (just need to get the 1994 volume done to have those out), and then wrote an additional 1,000 poems from 1995-2001 (with three years of 250 poems each, and 4 years to make up another 250 poems). Things get hazy around 2002 ... I've got files, but I'm not sure how complete they are ... and those are for 2002, 2003, and 2004 ... I've not found sources for anything beyond that, although I was posting poems in here at least through 2007. I guess, worst comes to worst, that I might have to just walk my way back through all my posts in those years and cut-and-paste from the LJ entries.

I also did a bunch of audio recordings back then. Unfortunately, these were stored on a now-defunct storage site, so I've likely lost all the originals. Some of these I did (in 2009) as videos, and I've been putting those up over in the new Eschaton Books Facebook page, if you want to check those out (and please "like" the page, and like and share stuff from there - I get so little "organic" views right now from FB).

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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