BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ... popular little community we have here ...

A couple of months back, I did a post about how my LJ "User Rating" had suddenly slipped by 25,000 slots ... that fixed itself soon after, but it got me paying attention to that number.

Now, I'm an "Early Adopter" (user #2,663 - started May 5, 2000) with a Permanent Account (that ended up being quite the investment), so there's a certain inertia no doubt involved if that rating is based on longevity and number of posts. Anyway, since regularly checking that number, my user rating has gone from 10,597 on July 30th, to today's 5,480 ... a pretty respectable increase that I can only attribute to my posting a bit more frequently of late.

My typical usage of LiveJournal (which I'm assuming is THE typical usage) is to read my "Friends Feed" on a daily basis (the tab's always open in my browser) ... although the number of people I follow here has dropped to under 200 (many of whom never post anymore). The other day, I got it in my head to check to see what the "user ratings" were for folks who showed up frequently in my Friends Feed ... and was surprised at how "elite" (there are somewhere around 60 million LJ accounts out there) y'all are!

Here are some examples (in descending order because my OCD was not happy with just a random list):

70        - urbpan (user #1,282,542 - started August 26, 2003)
420      - jordan179 (user #10,571,371 - started July 1, 2006)
741      - betawriter (user #1,099,985 - started June 5, 2003)
4,108   - polaris93 (user #365,751 - started October 10, 2001)
4,663   - cydniey (user #2,156 - started April 30, 2000)
9,582   - lefin1 (user #13,733 - started September 4, 2000)
10,774 - planetconcrete (user #2,247 - started April 27, 2000)
13,174 - justgoto (user #34,562 - started December 19, 2000)
41,019 - it* (user #13,584 - started September 3, 2000)

I also suspect that some of these folks have very high User Ratings, although they've got the module which displays it turned off ... *ana (user #2,291 - started April 28, 2000) - it was her secondary account, which is itself in the top .001 of LJ accounts ... eris (user #2,592 - started May 4, 2000) ... eyelid (user #57,026 - started February 13, 2001) ... and scottks (user #7,213 - started July 10, 2000). They've all been around forever, and some are near-daily posters.

I'm not sure what factors the algorithm takes in that determines LJ "user ratings", but it can't be too heavily skewed to longevity on site, as the top three on that list up there are relative late-comers to LiveJournal ... I'm sure "engagement" is a factor, as I know that some of those top scorers get LOTS of comments to their posts (unlike some other folks I know ... sigh).

Anyway, I found it interesting how many of the folks I read regularly are in the top .0001 of LJ users and figured I'd pass the data along!

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