BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, that was odd ...

Every Friday over on Facebook, the folks ask "What are you reading?" and several hundred LT users on FB reply. As regular readers of this space no doubt suspect, I am rarely, if ever, separated from a book by more than a few feet, and typically am "juggling" three books at any one time. Well, yesterday, when I answered LT's question I realized that I was at that moment only reading one book, and that, with any luck (i.e., getting a chance to head out to the park where I'm far less likely to nod off while reading than in the Laz-y-boy recliner in the living room), I was going to finish that some point later in the day.

Since that did happen, I had the strange experience of NOT READING ANYTHING from about 5:30pm yesterday afternoon to about 7:30am this morning. Quelle horreur! This was, of course, NOT due to "not having anything to read" (having nearly 100 books piled up in my active "to-be-read" stacks ... let alone what's in the "I'll get to these someday" file boxes), but I'd sort of hit a space where nothing was particularly calling out to me as "next up".

I have to admit, part of what was causing this pause was my concern of how few books I've been making it through of late ... after years and years of reading about 6 books a month, I was recently doing half of that, which bothers me. So, at first I was thinking (having gotten 3 books read for October so far) I'd grab one of my "quick read" Dover Thrift books, just to push through a fourth book this month, but nothing in that stack was looking particularly appealing ... so I figured I'd just take my chances on how fast I'd get through a regular book.

Last week I'd picked up an interesting-looking memoir at the dollar store (author-signed, no less!) of a couple of years an American family had spent in Beijing, and on my way towards the facilities this morning, that looked like a good bet. Then I later added my most recent "win" from the LT "Early Reviewers" program (I'd finally gotten caught up on reading/reviewing the backlog I'd had on those, and didn't want to start slipping behind again - it was a LOT easier keeping up with that when I was cranking through six books a month!), so I'm back up to "currently reading" a couple of books ... and am contemplating what direction I might want to go for a third.

Anyway, those 14 hours of not having anything I was in the midst of reading was such a shocker, that I felt I had to share! Doesn't that make you feel special, like a right proper con-fee-dahnt as they'd say in French?

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