BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, yeah ... these ...

OK ... so I should have probably sharing these here as I uploaded them, eh?

This is going to be a LONG process, but I'm working towards setting up one "sample" page per month for every month in my new book collections. Each page will have the text of a poem and a video of my reading it. Now, rather than having my mug on camera, obviously reading from the screen (not wonderful video), I've done these as audio recordings that have then been played back via Windows Media Player with a "visualization", and that's then recorded for the video.

Anyway, so far I have a whopping three of these done ... all from the POEMS : 1994 collection:


02/19/94 - BEYOND THE EDGE WE SEE ...

03/17/94 - DRAWN TO THESE POINTS ...

Fun, fun, fun, what?

I suppose you could "look forward" to more to come as I triage the hours necessary to make those pages happen.

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Tags: poetry
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