BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

And MORE poetry ...

This is the 11th of the current line of poetry collections ... as far as I can tell I only have ONE other year wherein I wrote 250 poems, but I think the next to come out is going to be a 4-year grouping where the total came out (not exactly coincidentally) at 250 poems.

As I probably noted before ... once I get that, and 3 years preceding 1987, out, the material gets, uh ... "archaeological" ... as the poems prior to 1986 (or so) aren't in my main poem files, and stuff past 2001 isn't either (even though I have numbers of poems listed for the various years). So this is going to require digging through old systems' HDs, finding old 5.25" floppies, and, perhaps, even trying to find where my copies of the original yearly (comb-bound xeroxed) collections ended up (and spending weeks scanning those in).

However, with the next book, I'll have three thousand poems up and at least potentially "in print", which is something! I'm pretty sure the rest will come to about 1,500 poems, if I can dig them all up.

So ... rush on over to get your copy of POEMS:1987!

An odd thing happened when I was checking if this one had worked its way yet onto the Amazon listings ... it turns out that some of the new/used vendors are listing some of my poetry volumes. The reason that's odd is that THERE HAVE SO FAR BEEN ZERO SALES of any of the 11 books, so the possibility of there being "used" copies (admittedly, listed as "Like New"), is also zero. I'm guessing that these are coming out from places that have wholesale deals with CreateSpace, so could order the books at a discount and then fill the "Like New" orders that came in ... but it's strangely irritating (not that I mind getting the added listing linkage), given the null set of sales thus far.

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