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Oh, look ... more videos!

So, having sort of "hit the wall" on getting out new volumes (until I do the archaeology noted in my previous post), I got back on the "content for the site" end of things. Now, I'm really hoping to get to a smooth-flowing "system" for these, because right now they're taking about an hour each, which, given the number of months involved (120+), that's a LOT of hours ... and it's a nine-task project (using 6-7 programs!) for each of these videos/pages.

Also, I need to fit these in when things are quiet around here, as I don't exactly have a "recording studio", and if Daughter No.2 and her friends are around ... that noise will be on the recording.

Frankly, the biggest "PitA" part of these is "step one", where I have to read through a month's worth of poems ... not that it's horrible to be going through my stuff, it just takes a long time ... and I'm having to read them in detail for how they'd "read" out loud. I have considered doing some sort of either random or numerical (the fourth poem from the fourth month, the ninth poem from the ninth month, etc.) approach for picking the poems, but I'm pretty sure that will end up with less appealing poems being featured ... and, of course, nobody else is reading this stuff, so I can't exactly throw it out to an audience for suggestions/requests.

What I'm doing is picking one poem from each month on the main page on the site for each yearly collection, and having the entry for that poem in the title list link off to a "sample" page that will have that poem's text, and a video of my reading audio recording. I suppose I could just have the .wav audio files up there, but I think it makes them more interesting having a Windows Media Player "visualization" with them ... which is certainly more engaging than seeing my mug reading from the screen! When I get further on in the project, I'll probably upload all the .wav files to Blog Talk Radio ... a set of readings for each year as a "podcast" ... ain't that swanky?

So, when you click on these thumbnails (and sorry about having the big time notations on those - I was having a problem getting a clean image grab from YouTube for those), you will be whisked off to the corresponding sample page on the Eschaton site:

April 29, 1994

May 07, 1994

June 16, 1994

Oh, and I also discovered a quirk in my code on those pages ... I don't know why, but I was putting in some "rules" and "frame" calls in there (which are generally ignored in FireFox, which is what I mainly use) which were making lines of the pages when seen in Chrome. I found if I reset the value of the latter (to "NONE"), it got rid of those ... hooray! Of course, this meant that I had to go back into the code on every page on the site and fix that ... but at least now it's looking right on all the browsers (that I've checked so far).

Anyway ... go and listen to me read some poetry!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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