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This was one of those remarkable Dollar Store finds … it's always a pleasure to run across a book, that had better-than-even odds of being something that I would have bought on its own merits, sitting there on the shelf with all those other one-buck books. Of course, long-time readers of this space will know that I'm a big fan of Ann Coulter (minus, of course, when she's under the sway of her "imaginary friend" problem), and Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama is pretty much her at her best. It's also a relatively recent release, coming out in 2012, in time for the re-election campaign of the subtitularly-mentioned POTUS.

Now, my liberal-leaning readers can (and probably should) just stop reading NOW. Ms. Coulter and I are in fairly solid agreement with our distaste (to use the mildest word for it) for the Left/Progressive agenda, and the maddening hegemony it holds over the realms of media, entertainment, and education … and it is this nauseating political stance (and the institutions that propagate it) that is really the subject here. Of course, those on the Left will say this book is R – A – C – I – S – T and anti-black, but if you were to actually read it (I know, a hard concept for Liberals, who prefer to hold their opinions in spite of any contravening facts), it becomes VERY clear that the “villains” in the tale are the knee-jerk Leftist press, and the vile pandering politicians for who “victim culture” is a key to imposing “progressive” programs which serve nobody but the politicians and related power brokers.

As I was reading this, it became evident to me that this was yet another “book I wish they'd teach in the schools” (obviously, a ludicrous concept given how unyielding a death-grip the Left has on the “education industry” in this country) because this is an intense light being shone on the lies, deceit, falsehoods and brainwashing that passes for news and civics these days.

Frankly, Ann could have issued an update to this any time in the recent past, as the media (and the insufferable current administration) has repeatedly fanned the flames of racial conflict, inflating minor issues into national “outrages” to suit their nefarious ends, and this book is chock full of similar stories to those in recent headlines.

As regular readers of my reviews may recall, I have a “system” of tearing off little bits of paper (typically register receipts) to mark places to come back to in a book, either for things to quote in these reviews, or (generally in the business books) things to look into and/or follow up on. I think I usually have only 4-6 of these in any given book, but Mugged has well over a dozen … and this in a book that I'm not running off to check mentioned web resources from. Here, I've primarily flagged “you go girl!” passages where I felt that Ms, Coulter had either scored a serious “debate point” or exhibited that delightful snark which endears her to me and her other fans … such as:
The North's zero-tolerance policy for a backward culture forced the white trash out of both the Irish and southern rednecks, leaving just enough of htem in their natural state to populate modern reality shows and the Kennedy family.
Of course, Ann's snark is based in a deep resentment of the insanity that the Left has imposed on America …
Next, liberal judges and academics decided it was a bad idea ot punish criminals. Instead, they suggested we try to understand the criminal, persuade him that the system is fair and give him 157 second chances.

Between 1960 and 1973, the number of FBI index crimes – which are serious offenses such as murder, rape, robbery, arson, assault, kidnapping, and burglary – nearly tripled from 2,019,600 offenses a year to 5,891,924. Hundreds of thousands of Americans had to die, be raped, or have their property destroy or stolen because liberals had some neat new ideas about crime.
Of course, the Left doesn't care, because any failing in their policies get blamed on “racism”, and phony stories are fed to the press, who like packs of wild dogs are salivating to sink their teeth into a nice juicy “controversy”, no matter how thin the data is to support it. A substantial part of the book is in-depth looks at story after story after story that the media and politicians blew up … and then never mentioned again when their lies became evident enough to be inconvenient for continued spewing (much like the “hands up, don't shoot” meme out of Ferguson, MO, which ended up being a total fabrication, yet was echoed on major talk shows, university events, and even on the steps of the Capitol). While leftist rags like The New York Times will shift stories from A-1 to somewhere back with the lost pet ads, Coulter digs through the research materials (she's a big fan of Lexis/Nexis) and show how, time after time, the fake outrage gets covered everywhere but the facts (inevitably disproving the media story) get swept under the rug … hundreds of media outlets spewing the lies, but only a small handful eventually following up with the real story, usually long after the fact and with no fanfare.
When it comes to claims of racism, empirical evidence is irrelevant. It's not the number of racist Web sites {most of which “didn't even have enough visitors to register on Web site trackers”} that's important, but their mythopoetic resonance with the master political narrative of the day. If blacks murder more whites than whites murder blacks, it doesn't matter because that's not the story. As racism becomes less of a factor in American life than agoraphobia, the media work overtime to find illustrations – true or not – of their larger thesis.
Again, Ann looks in detail how bogus story after bogus story was spun out as real, only helping the hard-core Left. I can not imagine a person of good character who could read this book and not be enraged at the press and the “progressive” political machine they support … but I know they're out there … it's pretty clear if you look at the Amazon reviews for Mugged, as for a book that's running 2/3rds to 3/4ths 5-star reviews (depending on edition), there are those 1-star reviews where Leftists heads are exploding in rants about “racism”.

Another very interesting part of the book is where it traces the “co-opting” of the anti-slavery movement, and the changing electoral maps. The Republican party was the party opposing slavery and the oppression of blacks, right up into the 1960's, and the Democrats were the party clinging to “Jim Crow” and similar tactics … yet if you ask the average person today which way that played out, they'd probably have the Leftist through-the-looking-glass inversion as their view of it.

In closing, here's another telling quote (in a section looking how the “progressives” will attribute anything said by a conservative as “racist”, but will give a pass to even the most blatantly racist speech – a lot of Joe Biden whoppers cited – if said by one of their camp):
As French philosopher Jean-François Revel said of the left, while most regimes are judged on their records, only communism is judged only by its promises. Similarly, modern liberals are judged on their motives; conservatives are judged on what liberals claim we really meant
I wish more people would read this book, as it is a wake-up call on how vile, conniving, duplicitous, and untrustworthy the mass of the Mainstream Media and their political co-conspirators are, especially when dealing with questions of race. I'm surprised that, having gotten to the dollar store shelves, this hardcover (which appears to be out of print at this point, in favor of the subsequent paperback) isn't going for less in the new/used channels, although deals on the paperback can be had. I hope you'll make the effort to get this, because it's important to understand how twisted the “progressive”/Left/Liberal narrative is!

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