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Oh, look ... more content being imported from Facebook ...

You know, I actually have been feeling sort of guilty about not "venting" in here as much as I used to ... I just seem to have found it more convenient to do so over on Facebook of late. I suspect that nobody really "misses" my venting, but it makes for a far less interesting blog experience, which at times looks to become a simple clone (or, I suppose, clone source) for my book review blog.

Last night I put up a kvetching entry over there, and it was the sort of thing that was, perhaps, more a "global gripe" (with a fun graphic I whipped up!), so I figured I'd share it with y'all as well. The following is pretty much what went up there, but with the FB internal links turning into actual going-elsewhere links.

- - -

(sigh) ... I guess FB has really become only "pay to play".

For the Green Tech Chicago page, I typically get a "reach" of 10-15 people, rarely more, frequently much less ... which basically means it's pretty pointless to even BOTHER posting to Facebook, right?

Well, I did a post today pushing the big party that Nature's Little Recyclers is doing on Tuesday, and figured I'd try "boosting" it.

Now, it ended up that I couldn't "boost" my original post, as the graphic (pulled from the GTC post) was a pic of a document, and was WAY more "texty" than FB allows. So, I ended up doing a second post with a randomly selected graphic from the NLR campaign ... essentially giving me an A/B test.

In the 3.5 or so hours that the "boost" has been running, I've ended up spending $4.52 ... and the "boosted" post has a reach of 1,998 people, while the "regular" post has a reach of 6. It's somewhat disheartening that out of those nearly 2K viewers, there have only been EIGHT unique clicks (through to see the GTC blog post), and all 10 clicks (again, out of 1,998 "impressions") have been on mobile devices.

That's a whole lot of "ignoring" going on.

As frustrating as it is getting the usual dozen impressions "organically", this certainly isn't making me eager to spend money on "boosting" posts, since the number of eyeballs may be a couple of orders of magnitude greater when "paying the piper", the click-throughs certainly are not (of course, here I'm guessing that out of six "organic" impressions I'm getting somewhere in the 0-1 click-through range, but don't have data for that).

I had a long-running "difference of opinion" with the Powers That Be over on Chicago Now (where GTC resides) on the usefulness of having a LinkedIn share button on the blogs (I've added my own), but I regularly get more traffic from LI than from FB. I can't imagine ANYBODY justifying spending money here.

Of course, this is just my second experience with running FB ads (the previous wasn't particularly encouraging in terms of clicks/sales, but we were largely doing THAT one "for the eyeballs"), but I'm currently re-thinking some plans to use FB as a vehicle to try to drive sales over on the Eschaton Books side of things!

- - -

So, don't you feel special getting that all shared over here now?

Oh, and, by the way ... if you want to read the Green Tech Chicago post that's the subject of all that (which is about a FREE EVENT we're doing down in Hyde Park tomorrow ... come by if you're in town!), it's HERE.

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