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Boooooks ...

Sometimes I have a day that makes me feel like a legit book reviewer ... like when a stack of stuff comes in like that over there (click for a bigger pic) ===>


Actually, one of those I ordered, but the rest were review copies. Pretty sweet.

I had meant to get this pic up in here for well over a week, but it was "always something" and things kept getting pushed ahead (oh, like completely re-doing the Nature's Little Recyclers web site over the weekend ... we gave up on "Frankensteining" it on a plain HTML platform and opted for a Ning site, largely because the new version is "responsive" and that's supposed to be real important with Google starting tomorrow).

Now, typically, when I get review copies, I get, well, review copies ... stuck in a bubble pack envelope and shipped off with maybe a letter from the publisher's PR department ... not that I'm complaining, but the second pic over there shows what a FANCY one looks like ... that's the media kit that came out with the latest title from Alberto Villoldo (who I studied shamanism with for several years way back when). I doubt I got the "fancy kit" from having been a former student, but it was fun getting one ... haven't peeked into the flash drive yet, but I'm guessing it's the various ebook versions of One Spirit Medicine.

Speaking of ebooks ... one of these days I need to get a Kindle or a Nook ... I hear tell that reading is pretty OK on those devices, but so far I've not been able to manage getting more than just a few pages read of any ebook I've ventured into. For some reason, it's horrible trying to read on my desktop, and the screen's so small on my iPhone that it's pretty useless for that as well. Of course, being a "change averse" curmudgeon might have something to do with it as well ...

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