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Is LJ being screwy for everybody else as well???

So, there I was at McCormick Place, with the third day of C2E2 happening, and I'm looking, if I do say so myself, sufficiently geeky in my "Blue Box" shirt (if not in full cosplay mode like nearly half of the people heading in), that one would think I was in the right place ... fitting in almost.

I guess not. My mission down there this morning (without tickets, mind you), was to try to distribute promo cards for Nature's Little Recyclers' current Kickstarter campaign "No More Landfills" (we had hoped to have had promo cards for a specific part of that, the "NERDICULTURE" event we're having this summer, but although the cards were supposed to have been ready for pick-up on Friday - and probably were - we didn't get the notice that they WERE ready until Saturday, when the printer was closed and we couldn't get them).

So, there I was, up on the second level, somewhere between the escalators up to that level and the ones to the next (main) level, and I can't get a single person to take a card from me ... nope, NOT ONE. Really. Dozens and dozens of people moving past all doing the hand-wave decline and scooting past me. Even one guy who "got" my shirt and chatted about it wouldn't take a card. This made me a sad and paranoid camper. I suppose I may have looked like some preacher person who was trying to warn them that attending the show was a first-class ticket to Hell, or something (and not some random Urban Agriculture guy trying to get funding for worms to eat waste before it gets to the landfills), but going 0-for-hundreds was pretty damn depressing.

Speaking of depressing, it looks like LiveJournal is broken today ... I had to fight to get a pic to upload and had to go through "back channels" to get it into the post (none of the buttons in the update screen are working) ... and I can't preview or post this right now. {insert irritating hold music here} OK ... a few hours later ... I still can't get LJ working in FireFox, or Opera, and it won't even LOAD in MSIE. I have, however, finally managed to get it to work in Chrome, so I logged out of the Btripp-Books account and logged in with my main account there, and things seem to be working (I can preview the post and the "post" button appears to be active).

So, about my shirt. I'd seen this maybe a year ago but hadn't "pulled the trigger" on it, and felt sad about it. Fortunately, it came up as the "shirt of the day" at $6 Tshirts (if you're on their mailing list you get notice of a shirt that goes on sale at midnight each day for $6 and they knock off the shipping with a coupon code, so it's really just six bucks) a few weeks back, and I figured I needed something that geeky. However, I guess I'm in a thin slice of the Venn diagram that really "gets" the shirt ... if you're just a Whovian, it's merely four TARDISes and the words, which I take to be sort of "meh" ... however, if you're of the vintage for whom Black Flag (the band, not the bug spray) is meaningful, it is a MASSIVELY CLEVER shirt which mashes up both the Black Flag "banners" logo and their typography with the Doctor Who reference. But, as noted, you really have to be at least in your mid-40s (I'm guessing) ... and an old punk ... to know what's going on with it. Needless to say, I was pleased that at least ONE person "got it" at the show.

Anyway, that was my day ... go down to the convention center to be totally frustrated in my mission, then fight all afternoon with Live Journal trying to get this post up (and I was planning on putting up one of the book reviews I got written last night, but now I guess I'll hold that for tomorrow). Once again, sucks to be me, I guess.

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