BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Heh ... it's Gratuitous Self-Promotion time!

Well ... I had two threads of activity collide, and out came the below ... I was tidying up some of my long-neglected CafePress stores, and doing an update on my Big Poetry Site and figured that since I had a CP store promoting the Poetry Site (and had that up for well over a year before the site went live!), I might as well let folks visiting the poetry site know that they could spend some money there (the poetry site is blissfully non-commercial, except for a link out to my main "directory" at on each page) as well!

Anyway ... in the interests of gratuitous self-promotion, here is my new banner:

Get cool I.AM/BTRIPP swag!

Ah, isn't it a thing of beauty? No? Oh, well ... it's not like I'm out there actively trying to get folks to shop there ... but, heck, if they're on-site reading my morbid spewings, they might as well know they can pick up some promotional swag!

visit my home page

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