BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

At a computer screen long ago and far away ...

Yes! Today is my 15th anniversary of being on LiveJournal (and hence, blogging)!

Sure, back in the early days, LJ worked more like Facebook or even Twitter (before either of those existed), with back-and-forth conversations between members and one-line shout-outs at random times during the day ... but the "long form" writing was still there (hey, especially when I started reviewing books in here), and over those years I've posted more than 4,700 things here and made over 12,000 comments on other people's posts.

I was one of the several dozen folks who followed ana over here (from the various IRC channels that had been home to chit-chat about her 24/7 "AnaCam") back in late April and early May 2000 (Ana got here 4/28/2000 as user #2291, I lagged behind a bit, getting set up 5/5/2000 as user #2663) ... a boost of bodies and buzz that I believe was essential to LJ's early growth.

If you pardon a "geezer moment" ... it's hard to appreciate how exciting LJ was back then ... this was before Facebook, Twitter, heck, even MySpace ... the existing options for this sort of thing were IRC, AOL chatrooms, and various BBS services (I spent a lot of time on Compu$erve and PLINK, for instance), and LiveJournal was so much better.

Anyway, figured I'd "stick a pin in the calendar" to note the anniversary!

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