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Figured I'd share ...

I posted this over on Facebook a couple of days ago, but figured that it was the kind of venting that sort of belonged over here. It really does bug me when all I end up posting in here are my book reviews, since I have a whole 'nuther LJ devoted to that ... but it's been a long time since LJ functioned like FB (in terms of back-and-forth bantering ... thankfully not in terms of the "only getting see what FB wants your to see" crap), so anymore I think of putting this stuff up there. I'm hoping that there are going to be MORE of "the old gang" coming back to using LJ regularly, though!

Things not to do ...

I recently started getting emails from an author who is (of course) selling a training program (isn't EVERYBODY now selling a training and/or coaching program of some kind?) and he sent out a letter, trying to figure out why more folks weren't converting.

He was very clearly WANTING a response - with lines like" "What do you need help with, right now?", "I really want to hear from you.", "how can I help you get there? What is it you're still looking for?", "Tell me. I really do want to know. Just hit “reply” and tell me what's going on with you.", "Whatever it is, I want to know.", and "I want to hear from you." ... all of that in ONE email!

Sure sounds like he wants to help ... maybe even start a conversation, doesn't it?

Except at the very end he notes: "My team and I can't respond to everyone, but we will read every answer." ... sort of weaseling out there, isn't he? He doesn't want a CONVERSATION ... he doesn't want to HELP ... he just wants to know WHY YOU'RE NOT CONVERTING. And he (conveniently?) even puts in a P.S. to let you know "The course is still available", with a hot-linked URL, just in case in reading all this you've "seen the light" or something.

Now, being in the DESPERATE state that I've been in, I, of course ("any port in a storm"), respond to him with a 600+ word email, detailing pretty much what he's asking about, and TWO WEEKS later, I've heard bupkis ... except, of course, his near-daily pitches to sign up for his damn course.

A couple of days ago there's the FIRST MENTION of the "interaction" - entitled "Reminder: You asked for this" - which is announcing a short-term sale on the course. Yeah, that sure answers my issues, buddy (and in case you're wondering it's STILL more than I can afford at the moment).

I'm surprised, because this person got on my radar via a "liked & trusted" on-line contact, and my impression of the guy doing all of the above is that he's a world-class JERK ... and I can't imagine what the guy who recommended him was THINKING of ... and I sure hope it's not because he's getting a cut.

The old Chicago machine had a phrase: "We don't want nobody that nobody sent." ... but this guy was VOUCHED FOR ... it amazes me what dicks people turn into when they're shilling for their on-line crap!

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