BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

This is more for my benefit ...

OK, so I was working up the below graphics because I ran into an open tab that had the old Creative Commons search coding in it, and it had been MONTHS since had worked, so I did some poking around to figure how that expressed itself in the Google image search, did some screen grabs, and slapped together the image here so that I could go search for pics "Labeled for reuse with modification" ... i.e., stuff I could use in promo graphics and on the web.

Since the Creative Commons search automatically (well, when you clicked the boxes for reuse and modification) dropped you into that mode in Google image search, I wasn't clear on how to "find my way there", and had, frankly, ended up making several graphics from scratch because I wasn't able to find things out there that I felt safe using.

However, much to my surprise, when I clicked on it was BACK! For months it had ended up at some variation of a 404 page (it was a different code, but still a "can't find it" page), with no info on the "GitHub" project that's supposed to replace it (and if you go to the CCSearch page and click on the thing about GitHub you will see why I was a bit at a loss with that).

Anyway, if the CCSearch thing is back, I'll probably not need these instructions ... but figured I'd post it just in case the site disappeared again. {As is frequently the case, you can click on this for a full-size version.}

I suppose that if I'd paid closer attention to those Google search pages I would have noticed how to get there, but at least here's a step-by-step process to just get images that you're free to use and mess with!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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