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Multi-Media ... just for you!

OK, so now I have a "sample" page featuring one poem for every month of the 1994 collection ... one down, 11 to go (well, and then more to go beyond that ... that's just for the 12 volumes currently available).

One would think these would be relatively trivial to produce, but, no ... each takes at least an hour between all the steps. Frankly, the most "daunting" part of this is picking what poem to read. During my main writing period, I'd compose 21 poems a month, so there's a LOT of reading to be done if I'm going to really pay attention ... but I generally just flip through looking for some particularly clever turn of phrase or image, and go with that one (assuming it reads like it will "read" well).

October 03, 1994

November 14, 1994

December 15, 1994

This is leading to a more "random" selection of poems than what I'd prefer. I'm leaning towards doing small "DOWNLOAD THE FREE EBOOK!" versions of the poems selected (a 12-poem e-book, whoop-de-whoop), as a lure for maybe building a "list" ... since other methods of getting eyeballs on the poems don't seem to be working, and they're SURE not getting people to click on that "order" button.

Anyway, here are 3 more examples of me reading my stuff ... click on each pic and you'll go off to the "sample" page for each (which has both the YouTube video embedded, and the text of the poem. Oh, c'mon ... you didn't need to feel all cheerful and stuff today, did you?

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