BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

How odd ...

As you know, I'm constantly churning through books and foisting the reviews of which here for your edification. As I have, I believe, pointed out, my reading totals have dropped dramatically over the past few years, from the 72+ books I'd been reading per year from 2006-2012, down to barely making it to 40 books read in 2013-2014, which makes the regular flow of titles from the "Early Reviewer" program, a bigger percentage of what I've been reading of late. While the average LTER book has been sort of "meh", there have been a few that have been awesome, and I'm currently reading one, The Upside of Stress which is pretty remarkable (assuming that what the Ph.D who wrote isn't blowing smoke up our collected nether regions).

In the book the author defines various types of stress reaction ... the well-known "fight or flight" which is contrasted by a lesser-known "tend & befriend" (what makes doing volunteer work a successful strategy for the depressed) ... but she also defines a "defeat response". When reading this, I was amazed to find an almost point-for-point description of how I've been feeling:

Defeat Response

This was screaming of the page at me.

I really can't wait to get this book finished, because it's been pretty remarkable so far, and I'm hoping there's going to be something (more substantial than what follows that particular quote) about how to dig oneself out of that hole ... because having "lost motivation, hope, and desire" and being in a place where it's "impossible to imagine any action I could take that would improve the situation" are so dead-on for my life right now. Sucks to be me ... but you knew that.

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