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As a long-time Chicago resident, not much in this book surprises me … I can well remember when groups like ACORN (for which the current POTUS was an “attack lawyer”) were threatening area banks with bringing “redlining” (Community Reinvestment Act) suits against them (which would have frozen their ability to do basic business functions like opening new branches, etc.) unless they agreed to meet quotas of what were, to any sane observer, “suicidal” loans – providing money to borrowers who, by any but the most delusional gauges, were simply NOT going to be paying them back. People (and certainly the Leftist MSM) are all too happy to put the blame of the financial collapse of '07-'09 on the banks, but it was blatantly socialist/communist organizations that forced the “poison” into the system. This book is largely about how similar plans have been enacted by the current POTUS and his allies.

As those of you who have been reading my reviews over the years will no doubt have noticed that I have been reading/reviewing a lot fewer political books than I used to. This is two-fold, on one hand, psychologically, I have been trying to not be the screaming rage beast (a few gamma rays short of the Hulk) that contemplating what has been happening to America leads me to, and, secondly, trying very hard to pretend that if I don't accept that the current disastrous administration exists it will go away and I will awake to a Goldwater-esque happy land. To this later point, unless absolutely necessary (as in typing out this book's subtitle), I refuse to utter or write the name of the current POTUS … even contemplating it makes me want to launch into a major rant!

Anyway, this is yet another of those dollar store finds … albeit one that was hard to pick up (having a picture of That Person on its cover). This is by Stanley Kurtz (who had published a previous book on the current POTUS called Radical-In-Chief, and was one of many voices warning America about re-electing That Person, this time specifically looking at a bunch of organizations and strategies in play in the current administration … Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. Now, I am a life-long “city boy” and have nothing nice to say about suburbia, so one might think that “robbing the suburbs to pay for the cities” might be something that I'd gladly endorse … but the picture that Kurtz paints here is of a form of Leftism that I'd not heard of previously … that of “regionalism”, which goes back to the current POTUS's political roots. It is amazing just how radical many of the top-level appointments in this administration are … on a par (on the other side) of making somebody like a (KKK icon) David Duke the top figure on a cabinet-level post! Seriously, if this was a “mirror image” administration on the far-right, you'd be hard put to even find names of figures who were as radically right-wing as the circle of hard-Left ideologues around the current POTUS. How could this happen? Well, the movements leading up to this have been studiously working under the radar for generations, and the existing MSM wouldn't say “boo” about a Leftist plot until they themselves were being sent to the wall (and, hell, some of them would no doubt still be making up excuses for the regime as the blindfolds were being tied on). While the book itself is focused on a handful of radical scams that the administration and its allies have been running, the most interesting parts are on how this band of anti-American monsters got into a position where they could enact their far-left schemes.
      The problem with this conservative debate over the political significance of Obama's radical Alinskyite past is that it completely ignores his radical Alinskyite present. The truly important political critique of President Obama is that right now, this very day, he is using his long-standing Alinskyite alliances and convictions to guide administration policy while keeping his radical goals from the public. The president's political history is an invaluable resource for making sense of these poorly known policies and future plans, of course, but the real problem exists today and tomorrow, not in the past.

      Yet it's just here that the radicalism of Obama's hidden regionalist agenda proves itself. It isn't just that Obama keeps his anti-suburban plans below the public radar because they confirm virtually everything his conservative critics have ever claimed about him. The deeper problem is that were the full truth about Obama's regionalist agenda to come out, it would split his electoral coalition. Obama's regionalist plans are nothing less than a direct attack on large sections of his own middle-class supporters. It's true that over the very long term Obama and his Alinskyite allies in Building One America hope to reshape American attitudes, thereby creating a new and dominant redistributionist coalition of the left. In the short term, however, were Obama's plans to be revealed, they would show him to be substantially to the left of even his own party's center of gravity.
      The history of Kruglik's {Building One America's Executive Director Michael Kruglik} long campaign for regionalism, extending back to his years with the Gamaliel Foundation, confirms this. Time after time, even after showing an initial receptiveness to his plans, Kruglik's mainstream liberal allies learned what Gamaliel's real agenda was, then ran screaming the other way. The same would happen to Obama were the full truth about his own radical regionalist goals to emerge too soon.
This book is a gem for how it traces back the influences to their roots. Over the years that the current POTUS has been “in the news”, the name Saul Alinsky has come up frequently, but rarely with much detail … here he and his groups and sub-groups are detailed. It was a shock to read:
Alinsky once bragged that the Communist Party saw his first community organization, the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council, as the ideal united front. By “united front” or “popular front”, the Communists meant groups that they quietly controlled, even if the membership included many non-Communists.
… as I had worked with the now-called Back of the Yards Community Council in recent years on a project that I was a consultant on! On their web page they do mention Alinksy, but only as “a colorful, professional organizer”.

In a section titled “Without Consent of the Governed”, the book looks at another current figure, David Rusk, whose writings have been the inspiration (or map) for the current administration's HUD “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” program.
      In 2003, a decade after publishing his bold case for doing away with suburbs, Rusk offered a thought about regionalist political strategy: “The policy debate must be framed not as a choice between conservative and liberal philosophies, but as a choice between policies that work and policies that do not work.
      The swallowing up of suburbs by cities or by newly established regional governments (which amounts to the same thing) would signal a profound rejection of America's most cherished traditions of self-government. If there was ever a stark choice between liberal and conservative philosophies – American and European approaches – this is it. Yet adopting the rhetorical strategy favored by Obama himself, Rusk would portray this revolutionary shift of ideals as a merely pragmatic decision. Rusk's claims about what works and what doesn't when it comes to urban policy are questionable, to say the least. His policy answers stem not from pragmatic calculations but from his own redistributionist values.

      Rusk certainly doesn't come off as a fan of freedom and democracy. He thirsts for redistribution by fiat: “Poorer communities have no way of tapping the wealth or richer communities without the intervention of a higher level of government.” Rusk is out to annex your suburb and pick your pocket. If annoying principles like individual liberty, voluntary association, and self-government stand in the way, that's just too bad. The contradiction between hard-left redistributionism and traditional American freedoms could hardly be drawn more sharply.
What is possibly the most shocking about the present administration's plans are that they involve government control over who can move where … with quotas for race and income dictating whether you could buy (or even rent) that dream house across town, across the state, or even across the country … if you did not meet the HUD guidelines, you'd be out of luck. Welcome to Soviet-style government (and better keep that picture of the Glorious Leader clean and prominently displayed).

Again, this book is a gold mine of information on the organizations and individuals in the inner circle of the current POTUS (he studied with many of these vermin, and “apprenticed” as a community organizer with others) … here's a bit that names some more names:
      Of course you don't have to be a socialist to favor the regionalist agenda. On the other hand, it helps. From Dreier's {top ACORN supporter Peter Dreier} perspective, regionalist redistribution would appear to be a pragmatic way to advance socialism in the here and now. Dreier of course is an enthusiastic advocate of Myron Orfield's redistributive regional tax base sharing scheme, which the Obama administration's alliance with Building One America is designed to promote.
Dreier sees stealth as fundamental to enacting the regionalist agenda, chiefly because our majority-suburban country would reject a city-centric redistributionist agenda were it presented openly. Dreier praises regionalist programs that proceed “below the political radar screen.” He also favors deploying regionalist arguments focused not only on “equity” but on “efficiency and the environment” although redistribution would appear to be his overwhelming concern. … Dreier suggests that redistributionist measures ought to be “unobtrusive, and just one part of a larger package”.
Speaking of “larger packages” … the book also takes a deep look into the “Stimulus”, the “Affordable Care Act”, and “Common Core” … each of which is packed with ultra-left initiatives that would never survive being subjected to public scrutiny. Like the ACA (which the execrable Nancy Pelosi famously said “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy ”) these are deliberately huge programs, which make it easy for the Alinskyites to hide the reality of what they're looking to inflict on the country – without the light of debate (or consent of the governed).

Also covered in a good bit of detail is the personal history of the current POTUS, with his various stops around the globe in the hands of assorted socialists, communists, and black-power advocates. Special attention is given to his years of being radicalized at the feet of Frank Marshall Davis, who primed him for immersion in Alinsky's home turf of Chicago. The extent that the current POTUS is intimately linked with the most anti-American ultra-left radicals is shocking … and it's a crime that people don't know about this (the MSM, having long ago turned into a cheering section for all things Lefty, wont say a single “discouraging word” about That Person).

Like many of the books that throw a harsh light on the machinations of the Left, I really, really wish that all-and-sundry would read Spreading the Wealth … it names the names, and connects the dots into a damning condemnation of the scam that's been perpetrated on our country. The biggest caveat I can present is that nobody will read this with their blood pressure in control. If you're a fan of freedom and traditional American values, this is like reading a police report about your sister being raped … if you're hoping for a “progressive” over-throw of everything that has defined the USA, you'll be mad that your Glorious Leader is being manhandled with the truth … in either case it's going to upset you. Parts of this are a bit dated, as the initial publication was up front of the last election, and there's a lot of framing the material here as “a warning” about what was to come were the current administration to get a second term – but that's easy enough to overlook (especially as blatant as the POTUS and his cabal have been in ignoring the Constitution and the rule of law since they got another four years in power). As I noted, I got a hardcover copy of this at the dollar store, and there may be more out there … but it's filtered down to the new/used channels for as little as 1¢ (plus $3.99 shipping) for a “very good” copy (it only seems to be “in print” at this point as a Kindle/Nook edition). Get a copy … the more people know about the machinations of the current POTUS the better prepared the country will be to fight back.

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