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Figured I'd put this up here too ...

{Yes, I do feel bad with how things have devolved around here ... I mean, I have a whole separate LJ for my book reviews, but that seems to be the only thing I end up posting any more ... when this used to be my main blithering node. Sure, "back in the day", one might do dozens of one-to-two-sentence posts on LJ, but that was when you were pretty sure that somebody was listening - these days the only reaction is the chirping of virtual crickets. So, most of my day-to-day verbiage ends up over on Facebook. Yeah, I hate that too. On the other hand, most of the stuff that I write over there (as opposed to random likes and shares) is bitching about one thing or another, so you may be lucky to not have that showing up here! That being said, the following is something I just posted over there, and I was thinking "gee, this is pretty long for Facebook" and that it looked more like a LiveJournal missive ... so you get to see it too (and some of you may be seeing it twice)!}

Man ... I have been fighting with the Internet all day. VERY FRUSTRATED.

I was trying to set up a new site over at my main host company (OK, at this point my only host company), and #1, the DNS isn't cooperating ... it's still showing the "parking" screen from the registrar - even though they assure me that it's set up (yeah, I know, the DNS can take a LONG time to "propagate"). #2, I used the host's auto-installer for WordPress (yes, for that site I'm going to bit the bullet and do it in WP), and it ended up with just TEXT screens about the installs that should have been happening on the site and the admin page. It turns out that there was a setting on the domain management page that needed to be turned on (something about PHP), which was NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE in the set-up info. Uh ... wouldn't that be a good place to START on the do-this-then-do-that instructions? They said it would take about a half hour, but nothing's showing up yet (I'm getting a set-up screen if I use their internal link, the registrar's parking link if I refresh the screen ... grrrrr!).

At least I was able to get an email account set up for that (which the WordPress set-up thing needed).

Since I was poking around in there, I ended up "getting around to" working on the Eschaton Books​ email. Since I rarely got any mail to the "info" account on that domain, I'd not rushed into updating it since I moved Eschaton from HostGator this fall. I guess I was fully anticipating the SNAFU that trying to do that was going to be. Mind you, it was simple enough to set up the BOXES on the host side, but it turns out that Thunderbird does not let you just change an IMAP set-up into a POP3 set-up, AND it's "not happy" if you try to set up a NEW profile with an existing email address. Neither my host's site nor Thunderbird had any particularly useful info on this. Fortunately, I Googled up a blog post by some guy who had had the same struggle I was going through, and who'd done a perfectly clear step-by-step process for making that work (which required changing the name of the email account o the IMAP profile, shutting down the things that had it checking mail, and THEN setting up a new profile with the old name as a POP3).

I suppose having new emails set up should be a "small victory" that I could enjoy, but not having the damn WordPress site up (and the stress of the hours I've been fighting with this crap today) isn't letting me enjoy anything. Dammit.

And, I'm off to the suburbs again tonight, and was hoping to be able to show off this site there. Sucks to be me ... as usual.

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