BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... so this might happen ...

I've been looking for work for over six and a half years.

I am frustrated, depressed, and bitter (bordering on enraged) about this.

One of the things that "everybody says" is that when in a job search one should attempt to make your social media "footprint" as squeaky clean as possible ... and never ever delve into stuff like politics, religion, race, etc. So, I have been wearing a virtual muzzle (yeah, I know ... my "muzzled" is probably a bit more vocal than most folks un-muzzled, but still) for most of that time.

Given that my day-in, day-out mental traffic is deep into that frustration matrix, I have (for the most part) just not been posting anything (especially in here) unless "I have something specific to say", like the obvious book reviews.

However, it suddenly occurred to me that nearly nobody is reading my stuff here ... a hundred or so at best, and I'm guessing it's actually considerably less than that, given the large number of abandoned accounts. Now, a potential employer would certainly look up my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, maybe even my Pinterest ... but the "light bulb moment" I had was that they might not even think to look for a LiveJournal. Sure, if you Google me you're eventually going to find my book reviews, and maybe work your way back here (although when I link to a review, it's always over on my dedicated review LJ), but that would probably have to be via the site, which is referenced once over there in the intro.

Anyway, it seems that LJ might have devolved into a "safe space" for me to go back to "speaking my mind", no matter how angry, negative, and "is this guy going to go postal if we hire him?" that might be.

Of course, "back in the day" (before Twitter and FB), I'd post multiple times a day in here ... but I'm contemplating going into a "daily post" mode ... just checking in with something every day. It's not like I'm looking to replace 750words here (which, by the way, I ended up dropping because I hated "breaking the streak" so much when I missed a post that I couldn't stand to go back) - but sort of like that (although I'm not contemplating trying to crank out that much verbiage).

Sooooooo ... if I decide this is a direction in which I'm going to go, you may be seeing a lot more of my blitherings here come January 1.

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