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Alrighty, then ...

So, while it wasn't exactly a "new year's resolution" (as setting those kinds of expectations only is a prelude to failure, depression, and self-hatred), I've been rolling around the idea of posting in LJ on a far more frequent basis, ideally daily.

Of course, I've been here for ages (user #2663), and back in the day, before Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc., etc., this was THE place, and regular users did all the sorts of things that one expects on those other services (one-sentence updates, cat pictures, what have you) here. I certainly miss those days, but I'm a curmudgeonly geezer, and I have volumes of stuff that I think "were better in the old days", so I am willing to cede the concept that my lingering fondness for LJ is part of that.

However, it also occurred to me that "nobody reads me" here any more (or at least no more than a half dozen or so of you), which makes it almost like a private journal. Recently, I had a dalliance with the site, which is structured to have one write (wait for it ...) 750 words every day, based on the idea of "morning papers", when one basically does a brain-dump first thing in the morning to clear out stuff that has been pinballing around in one's brain from the previous day ... with a side helping of, as one site put it, "having a cup of coffee with one's Jungian Shadow" - squeezing out those less-than-socially-acceptable thoughts. While I found that useful, the "gamification" of it created a HUGE pressure to write, even if it was not convenient, pleasant, or reasonable to do so, every morning ... where "breaking one's streak" (in my OCD-directed head, at least) was a constant danger. When I finally hit a "just didn't get around to it" day, I found that I just couldn't go back.

Now, I am definitely not going to be spewing the sorts of poisons that I was doing on the totally-locked-down 750Words pages (it was a Festivus-like "Airing of Grievances" in full lurid detail most of the time), but I figured that I could certainly use LiveJournal for a bit of ... well ... random journalling.

As I mentioned a week or so back when I first ventured this idea into pixels, one of the "challenges" I have in my eternal (it's over 6.5 f'n YEARS at this point) job search, is that so many people advise having a "squeaky clean" social media footprint - one where you are totally vanilla and project nothing more than being a happy worker that can be exploited seamlessly dropped into any job opening. I know that my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will be examined, possibly my Pinterest and Flickr, but I'm thinking that LJ at this point (unless one is in Russia) is so far under the radar for the millennials doing the HR grunt work, that it is highly unlikely to get looked at. So, I think I can safely "be me" here.

Over the past several years, I have (like so many others), shifted my moment-to-moment communications off to other services, and have sort of held LJ in reserve for "when I had something to SAY", which has ended up leaving it pretty much a niche that gets my book reviews posted, but not much else. While I'm not likely to start going into "having a cinnamon raisin bagel, it's a bit stale, but still tasty" sorts of missives (how 2001!), I am anticipating being in here with more "random updates" on stuff that I'm working on, etc., than has been the case in a very long time.

Anyhoo ... we'll see how this goes.

By the way, in case the question was lingering in the back of your brain, this post is still about a hundred words shy of 750 - so if I was still doing stuff on the 750Words site, I'd be having to "tap dance" for another paragraph or so rather than just wrapping this up.

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