BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Sheesh ...

Here I was thinking that I was going to be talking about getting another book out ... but noooooo.

I did get it "finished", and uploaded to Create Space, and got the approval back this morning - along with the review .pdf file.

Then I got into the review .pdf file.

I'm only half-way done, but there were a massive sixteen typos in the first 25 pages! This in something that I'd been dealing with in reasonable detail through 2-3 phases already.

In my defense ... this was generated from a scan of my original old saddle-stitched "chapbook", and between the scanning and the OCR extraction of the text, a bunch of random errors crept in. These range from interpreting dust specks as periods or apostrophes, to (when opened in Word) having numerous actual apostrophes rendered as "‘". Now, most of these I caught in previous run-throughs of the material, but it turns out there were ones I didn't see (those assorted extraneous periods), or letter transitions that changed words from what they were supposed to be, but into other words not being flagged by spellcheck (i.e. para for pare, bed for bad, aver for ever, beers for bears, etc.).

Needless to say, once I hit a few of these I freaked (certainly wouldn't want these to end up in actual print), and so have led me into fine-tooth-combing through the text ... which is making my brain hurt. Which is why I'm taking a break and making this post.

I guess tomorrow you might hear about a new book being available.

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