BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Goofy stuff ...

Now, if it wasn't late at night, and I wasn't almost accidentally getting this post in (Daughter #2 was out in the living room, preventing me from sacking out on the couch), I might have gone searching through my iPhone pics to find multiple images for this post. However, I was looking for something to illustrate this and ran into that goofy pic of me over there (click for bigger).

I suspect that I'm "easily amused" by things that sort of make "unusual use" of common object or settings, and around here they're frequently doing freaky things with the bus shelters. This was some holiday promo (obviously not a good one as I have no clue what it was selling), which had this pair of antlers and a place to line up one's head for a selfie ... which I obviously complied with.

The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority, for those of you "not from around these parts" who might otherwise think call to action there), has been selling space on various properties for some very clever campaigns. Recently one of the subway entrances up by me was transformed into a Trojan Horse (ah, maybe I can find these on Istagram) promoting a Greek exhibit down at the Field Museum, and there have been bears (and moose and other critters) to entice people to visit Montana, useful things like ads for charging stations that actually charged your phone while you waited for the bus, as well as assorted weirdness (I believe that these nightmare greyhounds were for some vodka or something) and funky things I don't have pics of (some were set up like a summer camp, some replaced the benches with what looked like comfy old-style furniture - but were hard plastic - , etc. ... heck, one even dispensed samples of gum or cough drops or something).

Anyway, today I almost "broke the streak" of posting, as I was tied up in a (freelance, yay!) project and hadn't had much time to have something percolate up that I was wanting to kvetch about. As I noted earlier in this process ... that whole "gamification" thing with 750words ended up putting too much pressure on, and when I missed one, I just couldn't get myself to start back at zero. At least here I'm not "keeping track" (at least to that level of precision), so I was OK with not blithering on in here. So, there's something to look forward to ... days when I don't get around to posting!

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