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bleh ...

Man ... not even being able to get to my desk the past few days. I hate it when we have a rental car (I got one to go out to the suburbs for a Unicity meeting on Thursday night, and kept if for Daughter #1's birthday party later today), as it just takes over one's life. Hell, the only parking spot I could find for it last ngiht was over a mile away ... and I need to hustle back there now since the damn meter starts at 8am ... bleh. Anyway, I took the El out to O'Hare to rent the sucker and was able to get a poem done on the train ...

                    IN THESE DAYS, DESTROYED

                    in lost surroundings
                    adrift in delusion
                    we have no function;
                    exiled from our place,
                    cut off from the root,
                    we float on these currents
                    aimless, pointless
                    endlessly perturbed

                    stuck in a zone
                    in which we can't act
                    all motives are frozen,
                    desires all too vague,
                    with intents always fated
                    to failure, descent
                    to states of derision
                    and the abyss of despair

                    how did we fall
                    into this destruction?
                    what was the step
                    which entered the pit?
                    we always feared this
                    as though we had sensed
                    this lurking doom
                    shadowing our days

                    all of the promise
                    was always a lie
                    those shining tomorrows
                    a trick of the light
                    to lure us to darkness
                    and this nightmare of pain
                    deep in a dungeon
                    with no future, no life

                    mindless vectors
                    drag us on
                    we do just to do
                    without meaning or goal
                    knowing no good will come
                    of any striving
                    knowing that this ends
                    in hideous states

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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