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This is cool ...

My old internet buddy, Ana Voog (ana/it), is sort of returning to the limelight ... producing new videos and stuff (on her Instagram channel, etc.) and doing some media.

She just posted, over on Facebook, this cool article (from the site "DAZED"), where she was recently interviewed about her years on ANAcam and what's been going on in her life since.

I've been watching ANA for a long time ... probably discovering her in the first couple of months she was doing 24/7 cam stuff, and following her over here in early 2000, when she opted to make LJ her main base for communications rather than the collection of IRC channels that preceded the move. Back when I was running Eschaton full-time, I regularly had her remote window open on my desktop, providing a bit of human contact in those 7-days-a-week 14-hour days that I cranked through over those years.

It was cool seeing some of those old images in the article ... like the "wall of 7s" that was a regular backdrop for the cam (and which I have a part of here somewhere - I was surprised when she used it as "packaging" for something she was sending me).

One of the things touched on in the piece was how much everything has changed since the late 90's ... back then the cams used FTP to upload (slowly - a small image could take several minutes over dial-up connections!) ... and now nearly everybody has live real-time streaming capability on their phones. One of Ana's frustrations is that the old cam modality is no longer really supported, and that was a lot of her "art" ... the camera grabbed an image every X seconds (minutes?), and she generally knew when that was going to happen, so much of what was going out was somewhat "posed" within a given frame ... making it more "performance" than "security cam".

Anyway, quite the trip down memory lane ...

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{Edit - 1/28/16 - 12:15pm}

There was a rather "meta" follow up to this, when the Independent in the UK did an article based on that other piece. They, however got some details wrong, for instance saying that Ana shut down the cam 12 years ago (it was in 2009), rather than after 12 years of 24/7 broadcasting. Figured I'd add this here.

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