BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So ...

This book review book is taking a very long time to get out. Not only did it take a terribly long time to pull together (I think I was estimating a half hour per review, so at 65 reviews, the main body of the book probably took around 33 hours, plus all the other parts), but I think I'm on my fourth submission.

Now, I've been publishing stuff via Amazon's "CreateSpace" service for a while now, and I think this is the first time that I've had an issue with the cover graphic ... which they'd "bounced" for something being too close to a margin. While "the thought was nice", in that somebody on their end had "fixed" the problem ... as you can see from the photo over there, the result was less than ideal, with the spine background extending out beyond the rest of it, and a stray grey line showing up next to the logo.

I did that pic to send to them to ask what was up with that, but didn't get much response (or at least any useful response), just parroting boilerplate about things having to be 0.0625" (about 19px) off of the margins. What also didn't help was that one thing (the template I downloaded) had one version about how wide the spine needed to be for this book, while the on-line proof thing had a different number. What I eventually figured out was that I had made the Eschaton logo a bit long, and that was what was impinging on those pixels. But, could somebody at CreateSpace have SAID "you need more room around the logo"? THAT would have been useful, as fixing this was reasonably trivial once I figured out what needed fixing.

Anyway, I got that revision back, which included fixing the spine on the cover graphic and fixing the layout on one block quote on the interior. Unfortunately (well, fortunately, in that I caught them before the final version - if there's really any thing like "final version" with a print-on-demand book - went out), I discovered another half-dozen minor typos when looking over the proofer tonight ... most "sneaky" stuff (like "my" instead of "me") or hard-to-catch stuff like a missing space on one side of an italic word (while cutting-and-pasting from LiveJournal works pretty good, there are a lot of strange artifacts with italics, bolds, underlines, and links - usually having "em/en spaces" - I'm not sure which - on either side of these, but sometimes no space at all). Anyway, once I caught the first one in the Preface, I did a walk-through on the MSPublisher file to see if I could spot wavy red lines (of course, the my/me problem was only caught because I was actually reading the text).

Anyway, the first volume of the book reviews is back in the queue for approval at CreateSpace, so I should have that available tomorrow ... I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting its appearance with bated breath ...

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