BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Mixed day ...

Mondays are pretty rough on me of late ... I tend to have feelings of doom and depression ... this morning was like that. Fortunately, had some good stuff come through. First of which was (finally - been trying to get hooked up with these folks for weeks) hearing that I am going to be able to get a therapist from a clinic that Northwestern runs ... for about 10% of what it would have cost me to have continued with the guy I was seeing the last few months of 2015 (when, due to having met my deductible and out-of-pocket insurance maximums due to my cancer treatments, I was able to afford - as in free - to get a therapist). Having not been able to afford a psychologist/psychotherapist for well over a decade, it was very nice to have one for those months ... and I was hoping something like this would come along (my other option was a phone-based therapy app, TalkSpace, which I was seriously considering).

The other good thing was getting moving again on the Witchschool Common Book ... which has been a clusterf*ck from the get-go when "the money went sideways" so everything that SHOULD have been straight forward ended up being a nightmare. We got the paperback edition out at the beginning of last year (and the free .pdf out in late 2014), but the hardcover has languished (while the people who had put money in on the Kickstarter in anticipation of getting a hardcover were going all "torches and pitchforks" on Facebook). Now, part of this is that it is still much more expensive to get hardcovers done (the hardcover art book that I did for Avatrait back when I was at Simuality/Liminati cost us nearly $40 a copy!), and we hit numerous dead-ends on who/how/where we were going to get those done. We ended up with the new service (well, newly spun off and re-branded) from the big book distributor Ingram, and the folks over at Witchschool have decided to fund the project, even though they're unfairly left on the hook for that (it's a long, ugly, story which has cost me money as well). One thing I found odd is that Ingram (IngramSpark) wants you to leave the cover graphics (like over there ===> click for bigger), on the lay-out board instead of being trimmed to the bleed. I don't know if CreateSpace prefers that or not, but I've always trimmed those. Maybe because this is a hard cover (with a "wrap" graphic, rather than a dust jacket) and they want to be really clear about those spine edges (you can see the markers on either side of spine defining a fairly large area where there can't be any text).

On a less good level, I have a bunch of "bad craziness" around here related to The Wife still being on a "get the place ready to sell" tear. I've had "projects" dumped on me which are pretty much "Not my circus, not my monkeys.", but they are in that these involve files that I was connected with (eight boxes of shredding) and furniture I'm used to having around (in what is likely to be an all-around bad experience - she has Goodwill or the S.A. showing up to pick up these things that I supposedly will have managed to have gotten down to the loading dock - I'm going to have to see what I can do about that with the guys in the receiving room). Today I built a dolly out of an old desktop (you see ... saving all that stuff DOES have its uses!), which will at least make it a bit easier to get a six-foot long dresser and a six-foot high cabinet downstairs. NOT looking forward to the next couple of days ...

Anyway ... almost midnight ... better hit "post" ...

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