BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Whoa ... did I not mention these?

      Yeah, OK ... so readers of my LiveJournal are probably not the #1 best market for this stuff, because you've seen it all before, at least in the pixel version. However, I've started cranking out print versions, in yearly collections, of all my book reviews ... and, frankly, they're pretty cool looking (if I do say so myself). The problem is that these take massive amounts of time - which I totally didn't expect. These involve a whole lot more basic editorial than my poetry books (well, at least the yearly poem collections, which start our with disc files - the chapbooks need almost endless editorial read-through to catch all the scanning artifact errors), about a half hour per review (which, in years where I did 72+ reviews means a good solid 40-hour work week's worth of time). So, appreciate that they EXIST, dammit!

I haven't gotten back to the BIG ones yet, but I'm kind of hoping that the project will develop some traction with the most recent three years' worth before I get hit the longer ones. Frankly, this was a idea that didn't really come from me (OK, I'd designed a cover concept for these - different from what's there now - a few years back), but from a handful of acquaintances who were sure there'd be a market for my reviews in print. I'm not convinced that's the case (you know, like with the poetry, lacking any sales to give me confidence in it), but I liked the idea of getting out another dozen books with my name on them (oh, vanity), and the actual work of doing the lay-out and editing is pleasing (gee, wouldn't it be nice if I could make a living putting out books? ... didn't work for the decade I ran Eschaton full-time, so I don't have any real hope it will work now). It's just hard to justify the huge swaths of time involved to put out yet more books that nobody wants.

Anyway, click on either of those covers up there and you'll be whisked off to the page that lists what books were reviewed that year. Again, regular readers of this space will have already seen these when they came out ... but it's sure handy having them in book form, yes? And, heck, they have a whole section of QR codes in the back that will take you directly to the web page of the reviews (over on my book review blog).

Visit the BTRIPP home page!


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