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Cross one thing off the "bucket list" ...

So, last night I got to see Bob Mould in concert up at the Metro. I have been a fan since when Hüsker Dü's Zen Arcade came out in 1984 ... thirty two years ago. I believe I have all of Bob's main (albums, not EPs or singles) discography at this point, and have been enjoying his latest, Patch The Sky since getting it from Amazon on its release date (that's a cool service they have - if you pre-order a CD, they'll get it to you on the official release day!) a month or so back. However, I've never been able to catch him live.

There have been times (back when I was traveling as a PR exec), when I'd be in some place like St. Louis, and Bob would be performing ... on the night of the day I was leaving ... or I'd hear that he was going to be playing here either after the fact, or after the show had sold out. I never got to see Hüsker Dü in the nine years they were together (although I've had a few friends from back then who were close to them - so I should have been able to figure that out), but I've ended up seeing Grant Hart 2-3 times (I've got all his records too).

So, back in January when they announced last night's show, I jumped on it ... and the ticket print-out has been hovering there in my stack of "things I'm going to" for MONTHS at this point.

Back in the day, I used to live at the clubs, but it's been quite a while since I've been up to Metro (the last time was, I think, for Sisters of Mercy several years back), and I've really not being going out to concerts much (with the exception of getting to go to Riot Fest to see Patti Smith and The Cure a couple of summers ago), so this was both a treat and a challenge (given the state of my bum knee).

I sort of "live Tweeted" the show via Instagram, with posts HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

They, unfortunately, didn't get into my favorites (like the title cut of Black Sheets of Rain) from Bob's solo work, but he did delve into the Hüsker Dü material, including an encore featuring "Hate Paper Doll", "Love Is All Around" (the Mary Tyler Moore show theme), and closing with one of my faves - "Makes No Sense At All".

Speaking of which:

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