BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Fun stuff ...

Every now and again I like taking a look at the "clouds" over on ... one of the fun "data crunching" features over there. They have three of these, one's authors, one's tags, and a "tag mirror", which shows how the books in one's collection are tagged by others. Since the primary tags I use over there are just for when I finished reading a book, and where it's located in my library, MY tag cloud is pretty boring, but I find it interesting looking at how the books are categorized generally.

Here's my "author cloud" (conveniently cut-and-pasted into a single graphic - click for full-size):

As you might guess, the type sizing and bolding is indicative of number of books by the author in my library (and, given that I currently have 26 titles by me in there, my name pretty much sets the bar for the rest). Similarly, in the "tag mirror" cloud, the size and bolding is based on how frequently that tag is used on the books in my library ... leading to a pretty good sense of what I read (again, click for a larger image):

Anyway ... was just messing with this for my own shits & giggles this morning, but figured I'd share!

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