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Oh, and then there's this ...

{Howdy ... I initially scrawled this over on the FB side of the 'net, but figured it would engender equal disinterest over here ...}

Whew! That ended up being a bigger project than I expected. I just got new versions of all six volumes (done so far) of my book review books up on Create Space ... and they will hopefully be back to being available by Wednesday.

A few weeks ago I was at an event with an author whose book I'd reviewed, and she'd somehow missed my email about the review when it went up on my site. I had my books with me, and I was trying to FIND the review of her book to show her ... and discovered that this was not the easiest process.

I have the books organized in chronological order of the reviews going live (a perfectly logical approach to creating a "hard copy" version of my book review blog), so there was no way, short of reading through the contents listing up front looking for a particular book or author, to find such in any of the books. OOPS!

So, what I did was to set up "by author" and "by title" listings for each of the six books (with subsequent volumes, I'll have this in the FIRST version), and added those to the end of the books.

One of the nicest things about print-on-demand publishing, is that you CAN change things as needed ... so I worked up new interior files, and re-did all the book covers (this added 8-12 pages in each, requiring the spine to be larger, making the whole cover graphic need to be wider) over the weekend, and went through the upload process (lots of waiting as Create Space saved things at various points) this morning.

It's was all a considerable PITA in retrospect, and it's shaving off 10-15¢ on what I'm making on each copy, but I think these additional indexes will make the books FAR more "user friendly".

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