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Well, this was interesting ...

So, LJ used to be the land of memes and quizzes, but all that seems to live over on FB these days. I ran into a post about a quiz on "I Side With" (, and figured I'd go have a look. Obviously, I was pretty sure how this would end up looking, but was somewhat surprised in the details. Now, there is a LOT of data generated over there (plus, if you feel like it, you can go deeper into questions than the basic set in various categories when taking the quiz), and I cut-and-pasted a bit to feature the main parts here:

{click on the image for full size}

While I was fully expecting to have Trump and Johnson at the top of the list (although I would have guessed their rankings would have been reversed), I was quite surprised to see how far separated I was from support of Hitlery! According to this, I'm like 2.5x more likely to vote for Bernie "Let's make America just like Venezuela!" Sanders than her, and over 3x more likely to go with the Green Party!

I included the "map" here because it's very close (with a whole different set of questions) to my typical results with the famed World's Smallest Political Quiz (although I just took that again and got an 80/80, putting me dead center in the Libertarian quadrant) ... and "right-wing libertarian" is pretty much what I'd come up with if asked to describe my political stance.

I saw that there was also a thing to look at how one matched up to the various political parties and got this:

{click on the image for full size}

No wonder I think the Democrats are brain-dead! Honestly, I would have anticipated the number being higher than 4%, but I guess the lunatics have taken over that asylum, and there's nothing there which would have me agreeing with them. I was surprised to see the Constitution Party on this list (and right at the top), as I'd not heard much about it since Pat Buchanan was playing footsie with them (trying to leverage Dole into naming a "pro-life" VP candidate) back in 1996 ... and, given my antitheistic proclivities (as the CP is pretty much a Dominionist front), somewhat disturbing. I'm guessing that there really weren't any questions on the "fundy/atheist axis" in the quiz, or their ranking would have dropped fast!

Anyway ... thought I'd share these. Because most of my political ranting any more is done via the "share" button over on FB, you get spared a lot of my venom in this space ... lucky you ... but I figured this was too good to just leave lingering over there.

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