BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Amazing ...

So, I'm still in this project where I'm going back through my old book reviews and updating them with new code (since Amazon's dust-up with Illinois, etc., a few years back the old links don't work for the new affiliate program, plus most of the stuff in my sig was 404 - the link for the graphic pointing to a long-gone hosting service, and the link for "my homepage" going off to my old Ning site) ... on both THIS blog and the book review blog. While this is pretty straight forward on the latter, being it's just the reviews there, it involves a lot of "backing up through" the posts here ... resulting in a lot of weird emotional baggage, and other strange stuff.

Among that category is a site (that I mentioned in a post from June 2007) that shows the "The latest 50 images posted to Live Journal" ... I thought for sure that this wouldn't be something that would still be functioning, but when I clicked, I got images. Amazing that something like that is still working almost a decade later!

Oh, and speaking of the Amazon affiliate program ... before anybody gets their panties in a knot over my having affiliate links in my reviews ... I have made a whopping $2.38 over the past year from that. Which makes the massive effort I'm doing to update the damn links seem pretty idiotic, but I wanted to have working links to go into the book review books, and I'm OCD like that.

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