BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, that's nice ...

For a while there, I was using Swarm a lot ... I was "mayor" of several places (both in the neighborhood and elsewhere around town), and enjoyed "doing photography" with checking in as an excuse.

Then, as of Monday, April 4 ... I could no longer check in (I had one on 4/3) ... the app update they pushed through at that point (I eventually learned, after a dozen or so messages back-and-forth with their help desk) would not work with my iPhone4s ... giving me the error screen over there ===> (click for bigger) every time I tried to use the app. Needless to say, I was PISSED ... I was pissed that the f'n thing wouldn't work, and I was pissed that I kept feeling I was getting this attitude that I was some sort of moron for not having a later version of the iPhone.

EXCUSE ME??? I've been out of f'n work for SEVEN F'N YEARS, OK??? Do YOU, Mr./Ms. Swarm Help Desk Person want to BUY me a new phone??? I didn't think so. There's no way I can afford to throw $700+ on a new f'n phone ... hell, I can't afford to throw $300 at new (refurb) desktop computer at this point (which I really need to get pretty soon as I'm pretty sure my current system is showing those "I'm fixing to up and die on you" signs of late - BSOD every couple of weeks, etc.)

So, what's "nice", you ask?

Well, in the past couple of days, Apple pushed out new IOS version for the phone, and miraculously, Swarm is working again. Obviously Apple found a fix for whatever it was that Swarm was using that wasn't working on the older phones (I'm assuming that this is more systemic than that, having to do with the location stuff, etc., and not just for the one app), and sent it along. THAT'S "nice".

I was actually looking on eBay for cheap "newer" (albeit fairly beat up) iPhones, and it's nice that I don't have to mess with that. Although my 4s is old, slow and with very little memory (it only came with 8g, and rarely has any more than 400mb free), it also isn't f'n COSTING me anything.

It's nice to have one small thing in this otherwise horrible soul-crushing existence go right ...

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