BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Man, what a day...

Yesterday was the big meeting in Boca Raton of all the grand muckety-mucks of RSI to finalize the new compensation plan. BIG changes! There was a general info call tonight in place of the usual Wednesday night call, plus a specific call from my upline explaining the new deal.

I hate to bore folks with this stuff here, but I need to sort of get my head straight with this. RSI has been going through SO MANY changes this year, there was the introduction of the new "dot com model" in February (at the conference in D.C. that I had to miss since Daughter #2 chose that weekend to be born!), then the big price cut (almost everything got reduced by half ... some by more) as the company adapted to the web-sales mode (which changed the dymanics of the biz for a lot of folks, making almost all sales happen at wholesale). THEN the shocker of the merger with Royal Numico NV, the group that had bought GNC a year or so back (of course, we've yet to see the changes that this will bring, since it's going to mean faster international expansion and LOTS of new hot products from their huge R&D group!). Now, a complete shift in the compensation plan, from a "breakaway" to what looks like an expandable "matrix" (which makes sense for the new pricing structure), which does away with all the "qualifying" levels ... folks just get set up for about $50.00 and then do their monthly volume target ($150.00 of commissionable wholesale volume), and they're set! Amazing! It takes all the pressure off ... which is great.

Ah, hell ... who gives a flying fuck about this here? I might as well be griping about the book biz, nobody fucking cares one way or the other!

I went out to get "gardening" stuff tonight. I'd told Daughter #1 about Morning Glories the other day on the way back from the playground, so I thought we'd try to grow some inside. I got a little pot and saucer, a big bag of potting soil, a pack of seeds, and picked up a handful of gravel on the way home. Total cost, $4.00 ... not bad. A couple of years ago (although she doesn't remember it) Daughter #1 grew some bean plants in daycare and I'd made a big trellis for them to grow on ... fortunately I'd saved this (rescued it from The Wife who throws out EVERYTHING ... which is why I had to buy a new pot) so we'll have someplace for the vines to go!

Again ... who cares? Why bother? Ack.

I put off starting back on writing poetry until July, figuring I'd start on the half-year. I'm hoping to jump right back in with 20-some poems a month, but who knows. Maybe I can get my big poetry site started in the meanwhile, so that I can just throw links over there instead of infesting the few "Friends" pages that I show up on with my actual poems. Why drag down the whole neightborhood?
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