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The previous post is "friends only" ... here's why:

If you would like to read the previous post, please contact me to be "friended".

Over the many years of me being on LiveJournal, only a handful of posts have not been public. Why now? Well, I had a session with yet another Career Counselor who was aghast about my "sharing" the sort of personal details I've recently been writing about and adamant that I Should Not Have That Visible.

Now, considering that I have thousands of posts up, many with very controversial material, having me go on a rant about the crap in my life - and how I'm trying to cope with it - should not even be a "blip" on the screen. But this guy (and he's hardly alone, there are dozens of other "experts" who would have every job seeker's on-line footprint be not only squeaky clean and pablum-boring, but also all shiny happy and gushing out Pollyanna-esque optimism ... in other words, a TOTAL LIE) was pretty insistent that I had somewhere south of a zero chance to get hired anywhere unless I ceased and desisted POSTING HONEST MATERIAL.

How sick is this world where REAL people, expressing NOT UNUSUAL issues, are BLACKBALLED by HR departments? Don't these people realize that the "tidy" on-line footprints are almost exclusively FALSE? Do they want to hire LIARS? Do they REALLY want to have "that sort of person" on staff?

If YOU are a HR person "checking me out" ... I suggest you look into your soul and ask yourself some of these questions.

You can request access to my "more sensitive" posts ... but you better be able to justify yourself.

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