BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Throwing money at Zuckerberg ...

{Posted this over on Facebook ... figured I'd share it here as well.}

Interesting ... I've been running an experiment in FB ... my previous new-book-available post over on @eshcatonbooks got a whopping SIX "people reached", and for this latest volume, I figured I'd take FB up on their "boost post" thing ... setting a $20 max spend. In two days it's spent about half that, and as of this writing, it's "reached" 940 people.

What's a pisser is that of that 940, 71 are "organic" reach ... which means that FB has been SMOTHERING the reach of non-paid posts, as the previous post of its sort got 1/12th of that.

Is it worth it? Dunno. Suspect not because nobody has ordered a copy since the boost has been there (or, at least, nobody has ordered a copy via CreateSpace, where I can get pretty much real-time results - which is where the order button on the page that is linked to in the post points to - I'm not sure how much of a lag there is between an Amazon order happening and my knowing about it). There have, however been 14 click-throughs to the book's page.

Now, with the way the CreateSpace margins are set, if I had TWO out of the 940 "people reached" order a copy, this would be worth the ad spend (or about 3 via Amazon), it wouldn't be making a profit, but the costs would be largely covered. However, I've thrown a vast lot of money away in buying ads for books over the past 25 years, so my "gut feeling" is that I might as well be burning a $20 as buying the "boost" for the post ... only actual sales would convince me otherwise.

The one thing that I think may be positive here is that the targeting I set (which is fairly broad, but filtered on having non-fiction books as an "interest") is no doubt getting the book(s) in front of a lot of people who'd never hear of them otherwise. Aside from the 14 clicks, this has also resulted in 29 likes, only 3 of which are by "people I know" (2 being me and Eschaton), with a total "engagement" of 33 (31 if you take away my own likes). This means that it's costing me about $11 to get 31 "engagements" ... and I don't think that paying 36¢ per head for somebody to just become aware the book/company is something that would be sustainable for me, unless I could chart that against sales (of which there have been NONE - screwing up the math with dividing by zero).

Again, my No.1 take-away from this is bitterness about FB making it almost impossible to REACH anybody unless you pay for that reach. Admittedly, Eschaton's page has never garnered many "likes" (I think it's up to 60 at this point), so even if the posts were being seen by everybody who "signed up" to see them, it still wouldn't be much of an audience, but the difference between the reach numbers is aggravating. This would, of course, be a much less discouraging thing if I was getting a few sales ... all that I'd need to be OK with it would be a response rate of less than 1/2 of 1% of those "reached" by the post ... but, lacking that, it's hard to feel like this is something that makes any sense (especially given how broke I am).

Bleh. One more to file under "sucks to be me", I guess.

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