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Another week gone ...

Yep ... "another day older and deeper in debt" except that it's more like another week gone and closer to personal financial ruin. I do not understand why I routinely have my resumes ignored ... except for the factor that most Human Services folks are just cogs in machines and they're only going to consider resumes which fit the particular square, round, or triangular hole they're looking to fill. They can't see beyond their damn little check lists. The only times I've had a whiff of getting hired have been when my resume has made it into the hands of somebody IN CHARGE who then sees the potential in my background and talents ... unfortunately, each time this has happened some OTHER damn cog has ended up opting for a "square peg for our square hole" rather than (as was being proposed at one company) re-defining the hole to take advantage of what I bring to the table. Damn them. Damn the whole stupid fucking mundane world.

Anyway ... on that topic ... here's another lovely poem! I have only FOUR more to write this month (so I'm not too worried about making my target!) this month to reach 4,000 poems for the past 26 years (yeah, I know ... it would be tidier if it was 25 years, but I started counting from back in 1976 ... my first year of college ... and I got 1,000 done from 1976-1986, 1,000 done from 1987-1990, 1,000 done from 1991-1994, and now, with these next 4 poems, 1,000 done from 1995-2001) ... and, of course, ALL of these will eventually be featured over at ("eventually" being probably a two-year span of editing them for the web!). Anyway ... here ya go ... today's spew:

                    WITHOUT A DAWN COMING

                    disappearing dreams
                    devolving in decay
                    with fractured faith,
                    broken belief,
                    and prayers which plummet
                    into vile putrescence;
                    this the state of spirit,
                    this the status of soul

                    no plans reach fruition
                    no intents attain ...
                    we patch and fill
                    where frames collapse,
                    we reel from blows
                    sucker-punching from the grey
                    we are stunned, shocked,
                    blasted from our center zone

                    every promise ever made
                    by the world at large
                    has been taken back
                    in bait-and-switch scams
                    the snickering cruelty
                    of the evil mundane
                    the perversion of spite
                    and off-handed abuse

                    and the masses sleep
                    and do not know
                    and in not knowing
                    see nothing of this
                    and mock, and ridicule,
                    belittling our pain,
                    discounting our anguish
                    and forever twisting blades

                    there is no waking
                    for the mass or me,
                    they slumber eternal
                    without glimmer of truth,
                    I am trapped in a nightmare
                    which churns without end
                    without a dawn coming
                    to allow me release

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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