BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, lucky you!

I am very seriously considering "abandoning" Facebook.

The recent promo tests I've done over there make it pretty clear that the average post only gets seen by a small fraction of people who have "liked" a page or "friended" you (unless they actively specify seeing your posts all the time). While there are vastly fewer people still here ... at least I'll show up on the Friends Feed of those who have friended me here ... and I can easily use the "repost" button to feed things over there.

Here's something I blithered about earlier on FB:
OK ... so this is something that nobody else is going to give a damn about ... but wow. I've been working backwards through my reviews, getting them into a spreadsheet, and updated with new links (as mentioned recently) ... and I got around to February 2006, and the review length just went through the floor ... like half what they'd been running ... it was shocking to see.

I wonder if I made a conscious decision (that I didn't blog about) to shift to a longer length back then. I recall when I first started doing that sort of posting, I'd done a word-count analysis on some of the Chicago Tribune's columnists (Schmich, Zorn, etc.) and found that their pieces were hovering around 500 words ... which I was originally targeting for "column length" ... which was right about where these "suddenly shorter" pieces were coming in as.

Now, in recent years I've not felt that I've given a book my "best effort" if I don't have at least 1,000-1,200 words dedicated to it ... and many (most?) fall into the 2,000-2,500 range, with the rare piece going as many as 3,000 words ... so running into 400-word reviews was a shock! If the 2004 and 2005 reviews are all that short, I may just add them to the what-would-otherwise-have-been 2006 collection.
Going back into my 2006 posts reminded me of what a vibrant community this used to be ... which was, of course, due to Facebook and Twitter not being major factors (I think I joined both in 2007), so this was pretty much THE platform I was using.

As you may recall, I made an effort at the start of this year to try to post in here on a daily basis ... but that didn't pan out. However, especially with the "repost" option, anything that I'm wanting to say that's more than a couple of sentences long, might as well originate here and wander off onto the other platforms as needed.

The only "grumble point" with this plan is that presently (and I doubt it's in their plans) neither Instagram or Swarm have an option to cross-post to LiveJournal ... and a significant part of my social media flow-through these days comes from those. I suppose I could poke around and see if I could come up with some coding template that would let me post those things (perhaps snagged from when they show up on FB or Twitter) here ... I see that the "media" box says you can insert Instagram posts.

Anyway, you may very likely be seeing a lot more "content" from me in here ongoing.

{EDIT: testing}

Well, that worked. I wonder if I can do the same thing with the Swarm posts ...
Well, nope on that ... although the media thing did conveniently convert that into a link.
Let's see what it does with the FB link ... NOPE ... same deal longer (now deleted) link. Oh, well. It would be nice to have both the pictures and my commentary coming through.

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