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Well, I guess I now know when I switched over from hosting my images from to the LJ Scrapbook (or whatever it was called a decade ago). I was just flipping back through the last (well, first) few reviews from 2006, and suddenly when it hit December 2005 the cover images weren't loading ... and when I looked at the code, they were trying to pull from that long-defunct hosting service. Fortunately, I appear to have all these up on Pinterest, how exactly, I don't know (OK, I'm OCD enough that I probably still have my initial cover scans on disk here somewhere).

While this means that it's going to take a bit more futzing with things to get those early reviews updated (fortunately, there were only 37 between 2004 and 2005), with my having to upload them into the Scrapbook and re-do the links, at least I can probably get that done without having to go dig out the books and re-scan the covers!

The depressing thing, however, is that this probably means that every picture that I posted between joining LJ in May 2000 and the end of 2004 is probably some sort of "404". When I first joined, I was hosting my images on my AOL account (hey, we're talking 2000 here, OK?), but AOL changed it so your couldn't hot link to those at one point, so I got the WebLogImages account ... and I don't think I successfully was able to save my stuff from there (and I've not been able to dig up anything via either for those). Which is sad.

Wow ... went through the early entries (from 2000) and found that, first, I wasn't posting a lot of pics back then, and that initially they were at MCS (a very early ISP here in Chicago). I found a few files/images on from then, which is pretty freaky.

OK, just in case you were worrying ... I did find a file with at least the first few books' cover graphics (I'm guessing they're all in there, but I don't feel like doing the work of matching them up twice) ... so I'm not going to have to snag them from Pinterest, and can just drag them into the LJ pic uploader thingy. I wouldn't want you to be losing sleep over this, after all.

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