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15 years ...

As I noted a couple of years back, 9/11 was a "their finest hour" moment for the early LiveJournal community ... this was in the early days of social media, and LJ probably only had 100k or so users, I'm guessing. However, many were in NYC, and as the chaos unfolded, with phone service in the area grinding to a halt, communications efforts spread to the web, with various of us trying to set up "phone trees", etc. to get news out.

Over the years, one of my go-to stories of 9/11 involves banshee, who would normally have been passing through the transit plaza of the WTC that morning on her way to a job in the photo end of the fashion biz. The haunting thing about her story is that she had dropped off film for developing/printing at one of the shops down there a day or so prior. A location that, needless to say, by September 12th was buried under a massive pile of rubble which had been the Twin Towers. Some months (years?) later, she got a package in the mail ... with the prints and negatives of that order. Somehow the film moved through the system and got processed, and found its way to her.

I well remember that morning. I was still running Eschaton Books full-time (from home) back then, and I was just rustling some coffee and looking at the news. One of the morning shows was premiering a new roof-top studio setting ... and had a view down to the WTC. By the time I tuned in, the first plane had hit, and they were trying to get info about it. Initially, the thought was this was some accident with a small tour plane, or some such, but it soon became clear that it was more than that. I ended up watching live all day, interspersed with jumping on-line to see what was coming through here. Frankly, I spent about a month obsessively watching news, and surfing the web following.

I live in a high-rise in downtown Chicago ... not only was the "plane into a building" thing creepy for me, but I have an awesome view from here, which includes a couple of the main approach vectors to O'Hare - meaning that there are almost always airplanes out there. One of the oddly disturbing things in the days following the 9/11 attacks was the lack of air traffic ... it was subtle, but somewhere in the back of my head, looking out my livingroom windows, I could tell something was wrong.

Anyway ... here we are again.

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