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Well ...

Some mighty interesting things happening these past couple of weeks, eh?

First of all, the Cubs won the World Series. The Cubs won the World Series. ... I'm still trying to wrap my head around that factoid. One would think that, for as long as I've been a Cubs fan, I'd be giddy, elated, and irritatingly celebratory. But, strangely, no. Not that I'm not happy about it ... it's just that part of me is still waiting for it to go wrong somehow. All through this season, I've declined my well-earned spot "on the bandwagon", insisting that I was not going to believe that it was true until the last out was made in the last game ... and the Cubs certainly dragged that out, with the opponent's tying run on base, and being a walk-off homer away from an extra-inning loss at the end. There are parts of me that are still not believing that we got an inning/game/Series/curse-ending double play in that situation rather than the other outcome. Things might have been different had the bats surged and the Cubbies were coasting with something like a 10-2 lead into the late innings of Game 7, but that being a nail-biter ending to a game which was a nail-biter ending to the Series triggered all those "oh, no ... here it comes again" Cub fan reflexes, and they've not quite worked their way out of my system. I'm guessing they eventually will, and I'll go out and get one of those cool shirts with the trophy sporting a small, subtle (yet brilliant) "W" flag as one of the pennants!

Speaking of long-time connections ... while I've not been active in the Party for a while, I used to be an officer with the Libertarian Party of Chicago, and have at least followed their efforts on the web over the years with some interest. Try to imagine my surprise to see, in the Sunday paper just before the election, the Chicago Tribune endorsing the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson (see the pic there ==> for proof, click for a bigger image) for President! I'm not sure how much good it did in the election (Johnson got 4% in Illinois, compared to 3% nationwide, so there's that), but in terms of visibility and plausibility for 3rd party runs, it was massive. It also helped that neither Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein looked like representatives of the "loony wings" of their respective parties ... and there are certainly doozies out there in both cases (not that this is any different than the Republicans or Democrats, of course).

And, finally ... against all (MSM-promulgated) odds, we avoided having yet another vile Alinsky1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 devotee getting to destroy America from the Oval Office. As long-time readers of this space will no doubt realize, I've hated the Klintons forever, and, honestly, can not understand how anybody could have considered Hitlery as an even vaguely acceptable candidate for the Presidency. All the "it's time for a woman" BS sounds pretty hollow in reflection of how horribly Sarah Palin was treated by the Left ... hard to believe that you're just looking for a vagina in the big chair after that ... clearly, what the Left wants is an anti-American Progressive tool of the Globalists in power, and they'll play any form of "identity politics" to make that happen (seriously, if B.O. wasn't half Black, he'd never have been considered for anything higher than the state house position he held before being "hand picked" - with his GOP opponent getting torpedoed by classic Chicago dirty politics - for the U.S. Senate). Of course, "identity politics" is how the Left keeps in business, because if anybody looked at the content of their programs, they'd run screaming, but pushing "the First Black President", "the First Woman President", "the First (fill in your favorite divisive label here) President", they get the mindless sheep to bleat in unison that they'd really like that. One of my deepest disappointments with the Presidency of G.W. Bush was that he never "unleashed the hounds" on the Klintons ... who were largely responsible for 9/11 happening (they "erected the wall" between the foreign intelligence agencies, CIA, NSA, DIA, etc., and the domestic law enforcement agencies that could actually have "boots on the ground" here - with the intent of enabling their treasonous dealings with the Chinese and others to go on without any repercussions - which led to the info on the hijackers being "siloed" away from the FBI until they had actually "committed a crime" - other than "conspiracy" - which pretty much didn't happen until they slit the throats of the flight attendants and broke into the cockpits of those planes ... a little too late to do anything about it). Needless to say, I'm really hoping that the new administration is not going to make the same mistake.

While I'm extremely happy that we are not looking at another Alinsky Klinton administration, I am still quite wary of Trump. He's no Ron or Rand Paul (either of whom I'd far prefer as President), and has, frankly, identified more often as a Democrat over his life. Of course, the current Democratic Party looks more like an outgrowth of the Frankfurt School and the culmination of the Cloward-Piven Strategy than anything that Harry Truman, JFK, or LBJ would recognize, but the similarities of Trump to, say, Walter Mondale in terms of "political axis", is disturbing. It's great that he's not Hitlery, but I'm not holding out too much hope that he'll be "another Reagan".

Anyway, other stuff's been happening (none of it particularly good, so I've spared you my whining), but those are the more notable items ...

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