BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Something I put up on FB this morning ... figured I'd share with y'all ...

Dear Mr. Trump ...


Please, do NOT even suggest Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court.

Yes, it would be amusing to see the Left's heads explode if that happened, but you would also lose a lot of your secular support.

I realize that you "owe" the Christian Fundamentalists some influence after they finally managed to get their butts out of the pews and into the voting booth this time around ... but isn't Mike Pence enough?

The Republican Party lost me once over a Fundy from Indiana (see: Quayle, Dan) being "a heartbeat away" from the Presidency (when Bush Sr. was saddled with him, I became a card-carrying Libertarian) ... and here we are again. The difference is that Pence is a political pro, having experience and skills in that arena that you've never had to develop ... so I'm not as angry about his being your V.P., you need what he brings to the table.

However, Cruz comes out of an extreme religious environment that is every bit as dangerous as the Taliban. He may be brilliant, but he's also beholden to a philosophy that is NOT what America's about: Dominionism ( There is no way that a faith-first fundamentalist should EVER be on the Supreme Court.

What America needs now is more "Thomas Paines", voices from the same Enlightenment awakening that created this country. Find people like THAT to put on the Court ... not some Christian version of Mullah Omar.

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