BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I really wish he hadn't told me that ...

OK, so I play one quick-pick on each of the big multi-state games each draw (which is two bucks on one, one buck on the other, twice a week), for a whopping "gambling budget" of $6/week. Frankly, this is a pretty decent hedge against suicide as there are four opportunities each week for my life to get a lot better, so that provides me a slight glimmer of hope amid the toilet-flush spiral into doom that my life has become.

However, since the odds are so astronomical on these, and I'm not picking any particular numbers, I generally ignore the results for like 3 months, until the pile of tickets (which I carry around in my pocket) starts to be cumbersome ... generally every 3 months or so. At that point I'll go over to the 7-11 and run them through the scanner.

Over time, I will eventually hit pretty close to the stated odds on the games ... not much, but better than the proverbial kick in the teeth. Again, I'm "buying hope" here.

A few weeks back, I took my tickets in to scan, and found that one of them was worth $500 ... pretty sweet! Unfortunately, none of the lottery vendors around here keeps that much out of the safe at any given time, so I went another couple of weeks before cashing it in (I eventually had the 7-11 guys set up a time for me to come in, when they'd have that much held out for me).

All, happy-happy-joy-joy, right?

Well ...

The guy paying off my ticket asked if I knew what the numbers were ... which I didn't. It turns out that getting a $500 win means that one has missed having a "winning" winning ticket by ONE number. One number. Yep, I was that close to "WINNING THE LOTTERY".

Which, of course, feels like a big "HAH-HAH" from the universe ... with the emotional impact not being "ooh, I have five hundred bucks that I didn't have before" (well, that I guess I did have before, but doled it out $6/week playing the games over a bit over a year and a half) but "you LOST again, sucker!" (sort of something like this).

Another "kick me" sign on Brendan's back ... another grind of the universe's boot heel ...

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