BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, THAT sucks ...

(sigh) I guess it was bound to happen sometime.

A number of years back, author Chris Brogan (see here, here, here, here, and here) had sent me an original "FitBit" (pic ===>) to help me get to various fitness goals (Chris is a maniac in the gym - largely spurred on by his lady friend who is a competitive body builder) ... which was massively nice of him. I have been wearing it daily on the breast pocket of my shirts for all this time.

Well, today, after having gone down to our package room to pick up some stuff that had come in, I was stepping back to let folks off the elevator, and in the process of pivoting back from being right in front of the door, the corner of one of the boxes caught under the FitBit and flipped it off my pocket. Now, this has happened on occasion (one time I'd thought I'd lost it, but it had transferred from my pocket to the edge of a shopping bag when I sat down with same on the bus!), but it was just a matter of picking it up and putting it back on. Unfortunately, today, it dropped into the elevator, and skidded into the gap between the car and the floor ... and down the shaft. Since we were in the basement at the time, I doubt it dropped more than 8ft (and being as light as it is, I'm pretty sure it is still functioning down there), but I can't see going through the paperwork (and no doubt cost) of having the building mess with the elevator cars enough to try to find it (I suspect that the cost of replacing it with a current unit would be a small fraction of what it would run to try to retrieve the old one).

Still, having had this thing on my person for years, makes me sad to have it gone. I've been targeting 5 miles of walking a day, and it was always handy for letting me know how far I'd walked at any given point. I am seriously bummed about losing this (although not as upset as when I lost a Barlow family crest pinky ring my Mom had given me, which managed to slip off my finger on a very cold day some time back ... I still go to fidget with it several times a week, and feel horribly guilty each time I realize that I've lost it).

Trying hard to not let losing this knock me into a depressive spiral. Figured that writing about it might help.

As usual, "Sucks To Be Me".

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